Caught Like a Deer in Headlights

When you sit down to your computer to work do you feel like a deer caught in headlight? The last couple of days I have heard this same thing from several of my online friends, I m involved in so many things, I just don t even know where to start . I too have felt this way, overwhelmed with trying to accomplish so many different things, you know the multiple streams of income idea. While multiple streams of income is an interesting concept, probably the best way to get there is to start with at least one stream of income. Even if that stream is small, build it up to the point it can continue on its own before you start looking at building more streams. One drop of water will wear away a stone over time as it continues to drop in the same spot, while a whole bucket will only wash your floor once.

What Is Holding You Back?

You set goals, you do the obligatory affirmations, perhaps you ve even started doing afformations instead, yet nothing changes. Or worse yet something changes for like a minute, in the realm of things, but life goes back to the same old cycle of struggle, struggle, struggle. Boom and bust. What is holding you back? Why do you keep going through these cycles? I have been reading a life changing book by Margaret Lynch. Margaret is a chemical engineer by trade who gave up the corporate world to help people solve their money problems with EFT, tapping if you will. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) has been around for awhile. It is an proven way to clear emotional issues that keep you stuck in ruts, even ruts you aren t consciously aware of.  Some what akin to acupuncture, you lightly tap on pressure points to disrupt the energy associated with the emotion you are feeling around different aspects of your life. Before reading this book, Tapping Into Wealth, I sort of understood what tappin