Does It Works Really Work

Does It Works Really Work For months now I have been seeing those crazy wrap things all over FaceBook and wondering does It Works really work?  Yeah, I know, you've probably seen lots of testimonials about It Works body wraps and pictures. But the question always comes down to; will they work for me? Being a person who is really into natural remedies,

Small Fridge Options For Truckers

If you are considering a career as a truck driver, or even if you spend a lot of time traveling by car, you should consider a small fridge to keep fresh food available when you want it.  Having been a truck driver myself and as the spouse of a trucker, I can tell you first hand that having a small fridge available in the truck gives you so much

Michael Mosley Explores His Guts

Michael Mosley Explores His Guts Michael Mosley was featured in a PBS special that I caught last night talking about his guts. His show on intermittent fasting got me hooked on the benefits of fasting and how they could be incorporated into an over all weight loss and health strategy. The show began with Michael Mosley swallowing a camera, it was about

Ninja Video Marketing Tactics

Ninja Video Marketing 101 Do you ever wonder how videos go viral? Me too. So I have done some research on video marketing and this piece will be ongoing as the results from my research and experiment to generate video traffic come in. We know the basic formula for video marketing on YouTube is that you need to get views to get views. Yes, I realize

Explosion At The Boston Marathon

An Explosion At The Boston Marathon Today, April 15, 2013, there was an explosion at the Boston Marathon. Within minutes of the explosion at the Boston Marathon pictures were popping up around Facebook and the Drudge Report had a link to a twitter comment about it running as a headline. At least two people lost their lives and 23 more were injured,

Video Marketing 3 Tactics To Get More Views

Video Marketing - 3 Tactics to Get More Views Video marketing is one of the fastest growing trends in marketing today. With YouTube being the second largest search engine used daily behind Google, video marketing must be a significant part of any online marketing plan. We covered how to make videos online for free , but what do you do with your videos

Mentoring A Lost Art?

Mentoring a lost art? There was a time in history that people learned their craft from those that went before. There were guilds where young men (primarily) were the recipients of mentoring by a more experienced individual. Those who were receiving the mentoring were often not paid much to begin with but as their skills increased so did the compensation

Writing To Sell A Look At What Causes Us To Buy

Writing To Sell You may be writing to sell or blogging online to make money, but if you don't understand the dynamics of generating a sale you could be wasting your time. Let's look for a moment at a product that almost everyone consumes yet is a flat out poison for your body. Soda Pop. How are we sold on the idea that soda pop might be a pleasurable

Rick Warrens Son Matthew Warren Commits Suicide

My heart breaks for the Warren family today. Suicide is never a thing that any family considers. Even the best, most well adjusted family doesn't expect to see such a horrendous event manifest in their realm. Especially a family that has dedicated its existence to helping others find their place in the world. I have watched the Warren family over the

Intermittent Fasting Foolish Or Fool Proof

I ntermittent Fasting Foolish Or Fool Proof? Last night, while watching television, gasp! I ran across Michael Mosley's PBS presentation on intermittent fasting. Ultimately he came to the conclusion that intermittent fasting helped him realize the benefits of fasting in a way that he felt he could continue long term. His results were pretty significant.

Is it an Internet Marketing Tool?

Trying to decide what is an Internet Marketing Tool and what is a shiny object can be difficult in this fast paced internet marketing world.

Internet Marketing Tool Or Shiny Objects

When is it an Internet Marketing Tool and Not a Shiny Object ? There is a difference between purchasing an internet marketing tool and getting distracted by shiny objects. Having purchased many internet marketing tools and even more programs and products that were totally useless, I think I am qualified to share with you some tips to tell them apart.

Your Complete Internet Marketing Business

The Real Deal - A Complete Internet Marketing Business For many years I have searched for a real internet marketing business. You know, a complete plan designed to make me money online, not drain my bank account even further. In my search for online success I have built websites, niche sites, blogged on Squidoo and even on the Empower Network.

Shiny Objects Derailing Your Business

Shiny Objects Derailing Your Business? Are you tired of grasping at shiny objects in search of the perfect internet marketing business? I was tired of that too. Having tried so many internet marketing strategies in hopes of finally making some money online, I was just about to throw up my hands in disgust and go get a J-O-B. - The very thought of which