10 Questions With Jeff Daniels

"Dumb & Dumber" star Jeff Daniels talks about his career, his health philosophy, and the importance of family.

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Q&A With Ken Jeong

Funnyman Ken Jeong opens up to WebMD Magazine about who he is at home.

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Mariska Hargitay Protects and Serves

'Law & Order: SVU' actor works to help abuse victims –- on the screen and off.

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Severely Obese Kids at Higher Risk for Heart Disease, Diabetes

Study finds heavier boys face even greater odds of future trouble

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2 Experimental Drugs Offer Hope Against Psoriasis: Studies

Targeted therapies produce significant results, researchers say

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Gut Bacteria Tied to Asthma Risk in Kids

Study suggests that antibiotics in infancy might also play a role

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'Placebo Effect' Might Help Predict Response to Depression Treatment

Those who improved with fake drug benefited from antidepressants, study found

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10 Things You Should Never Say To Someone Who's Asexual

Asexuality is a sexual orientation — thought to describe about 1% of the population — that refers to people who do not experience sexual attraction. Some folks on the asexual spectrum may experience...

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The Candida Diet: 8 Foods To Eat + 8 To Avoid While Healing Your Gut

There is a universe living inside of you — and you might not even know it. Your gut contains around 100 trillion bacteria. Compared to your 10 trillion human cells, you are actually 10 times more bacteria...

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Parents Find Heart-Wrenching Note From 6-Year-Old Son Who Passed Away From Brain Infection

Every parent's worst nightmare is to lose his or her child, so it's no surprise the world is feeling for Amber Shoemake right now. Her six year old son, Leland, passed away last Friday from an amoebic...

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The 10 Most Attractive Body Parts in a Man, as Ranked By Women

10 Pictures That Prove Gigi Hadid Is Perfect the Way She Is

Nutrition Institute Tour for DOLE Fresh Fest! 9 Wellness Lessons + Scientist Q&A + VIDEO.

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Fit Fix: Tesla Unveils Model X, Ralph Lauren Steps Down, and Gigi Hadid Fires Back at Haters

The Supp That Can Amp Muscle Stamina

Ask Men's Fitness: "How should my face shape and hair influence which glasses I pick?"

Make Yourself Robo-Rich

More Than 670 Illnesses Reported in Latest Salmonella Outbreak

Three deaths have also been linked to tainted cucumbers, CDC officials report

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Kids May Be More Likely to Get Asthma if Grandma Smoked While Pregnant: Study

Risk is heightened even if child's mother didn't smoke, research suggests

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What This Father Did At His Daughter's Wedding Moved Her Stepfather To Tears

It's 2015. We all (hopefully!) know that families come in all shapes and sizes. A group of people no longer needs to consist of a mother, a father, a daughter, a son, and a dog, all enclosed by a white...

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Less Sleep May Mean Less Sex After Menopause

Women who reported insomnia were less sexually active, study finds

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More Than 670 Illnesses Reported in Latest Salmonella Outbreak

Three deaths have also been linked to tainted cucumbers, CDC officials report

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9 Ways to Restart Your Primal Lifestyle

It happens to the best of us. You start sneaking a few more bites of bread when out to dinner and trying your buddy’s delicious-looking pizza. Your workouts trickle to once a week, sometimes none. You walk less, couch more. And then one day, you realize you’ve gone off the wagon. You’ve gained belly fat. […]

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Added Calcium May Not Help Older Bones: Studies

Researchers find no evidence that boosting intake will prevent fractures

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14 Things You Need To Know Today (September 30)

1. Using her own career stats, Emma Watson proved that sexism exists in Hollywood. In a recent interview with The Guardian, Watson commented on the lack of equal gender representation in the film...

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7 Next-Level Tips for Sharp, Defined Abs

3 Habits That Are Ruining Your Relationship + What To Do About Them

How often have you had the experience of falling in love and believing that you have found your soul mate , only to have the relationship fall apart — in three months, six months, a year, or 20 years?...

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7 Fun Ways To Save Money On Clothes (That You've Never Tried)

We all know the benefits of recycling, but upcycling takes the concept one step further by turning used materials into higher-value objects. Think: reworking a soda bottle into a simple planter or a colander...

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Pete Evans: Why Paleo Is Still Right For Me

I’ve been living the paleo way for just over four years and I can honestly say this lifestyle helps me feel more energized, focused, balanced, and productive with every month that passes. Paleo is right...

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11 Smoothie Bowls To Take Your Breakfast Up A Notch

The concept of a smoothie bowl is a simple one. (Hint: It's exactly what it sounds like.) What makes smoothie bowls special is that they're topped with fun ingredients, made slightly thicker than the...

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"I Thought About Leaving My Baby In A Garbage Can." What It's REALLY Like To Have Postpartum Depression

In our new Realtalk series, we're sharing personal stories about fertility and family planning. We hope they offer support and inspire honest conversation about an incredibly tough topic. Seven years...

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5 Yoga Poses To Bring Focus To Your Morning

Taking some time first thing in the morning to quiet your mind and open your body is a beautiful way to set yourself up for an amazing day. It helps you show up for yourself and the people in your life...

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I'm A Nun & Sometimes I Don't Have Time For Prayer

We know that prayer is integral to our lives and faith. As a Catholic sister, I set aside time in the morning and evening in order to be quiet and be open to listening to and talking with God. But sometimes...

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How To Parent When You Have Kids With Opposite Personalities

Siblings might look alike — but that doesn't mean they'll act the same. In fact, studies have shown that it's actually more common for siblings to have different personalities than similar ones. One reason...

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The 80/20 Rule: What It Is + Why You Should Apply It To Your Beauty Routine

Even with a strict nutritional diet, everyone needs a cheat day or a favorite cheat food. Ice cream, anyone? That’s my kryptonite. Cheating once in a while makes dieting easier and more enjoyable, and...

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My Journey With MS: Ann Romney Shares 12 Ways She Learned To Cope In The Public Eye

When I was first diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1998, I heard only bits and pieces of what my doctor was telling me. It was such an unexpected blow that my mind was preoccupied asking questions...

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21 Signs You've Found A Great Workout Buddy

There are a lot of obstacles to getting a good workout in. Some people have a hard time getting out of bed! Other hurdles include finding motivation, switching up workouts, and remaining consistent. There...

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How To Build The Ultimate Plant-Based Salad Bowl

Eating salad is a great way to pack lots of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, enzymes, and fiber into your diet. But salad can be a very broad term. Salads aren't always healthy — especially...

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What I Tell Every Yoga Teacher Who Wants To Advance To The Next Level

After several hours of sequencing and sun salutations, you are a 200-hour registered yoga teacher. Your eyes have been opened! You’ve studied the asanas and the alignment points. Your friends are psyched...

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15 Things You Need To Know Today (September 30)

1. U sing her own career stats, Emma Watson proved that sexism exists in Hollywood. In a recent interview with The Guardian , Watson commented on the lack of equal gender representation in the film industry,...

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Vegan Pumpkin Loaf. Medjool Date-Sweetened. Gluten-Free. Starbucks Copycat.

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Fetal Tissue Research: FAQ

Although fetal tissue research has made headlines in recent months, the controversy about it is nothing new. WebMD has the details

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Blood Tests May Predict Pregnancy Risks for Women With Lupus

As early as 12 weeks, checks can signal danger of complications for both mother and baby, study contends

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Implanted Device May Help Ease Sleep Apnea, Small Study Shows

For some, it might work better than current standard treatment, researcher says

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Hormone Therapy Safe During Ovarian Cancer?

Hormone replacement therapy may be safe for women with ovarian cancer, according to a new study. WebMD has the details.

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Is "Love At First Kiss" A Thing? Watch These Blindfolded Strangers Try It Out

Is love literally blind? That's the question filmmaker Jordan Orom wanted to answer — so he asked eight blindfolded strangers to kiss each other after a brief introduction. Maybe love at first kiss is...

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Dieters: Don't Replace Saturated Fats With Processed Carbs

Study found those who turned to whole grains and healthy fats saw a drop in heart risks

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More Evidence High-Fiber, Mediterranean Diet Is Good for You

Plant-based regimens can boost fatty acids that lower your risk for diabetes, heart disease, study says

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Toppling TVs a Risk to Kids

Three-fourths of injuries occurred when children weren't closely supervised, study finds

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Cancer May Be a Hidden Danger to the Heart: Report

Austrian researchers find telltale signs of heart disease in newly diagnosed cancer patients

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Experts Link Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals to Diabetes, Obesity

People who are trying to lose weight or manage diabetes should try to change their lifestyle not only to exercise or cut calories, but also to avoid hormone-disrupting chemicals that may be contributing to their condition, experts say.

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A Woman Posted A Photo Of A Sonogram On Facebook & It's Going Viral. Here's Why

Actually ... it's none of your business. On September 20, writer Emily Bingham posted a photo of a sonogram to her Facebook — but, as it turns out, it's wasn't actually hers. It was just a random ultrasound...

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These Edible Blobs Could Mean The End Of Plastic Water Bottles

We all know that plastic water bottles are bad for the environment , but sometimes they're the most convenient option. That's where Ooho blobs come in. These small pods of water are encased in an edible...

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Fit Fix: It's National Coffee Day

Eating a Super-Clean, Plant-Heavy, Whole Foods Diet? You Might Have Fruit Belly!

A little discussed phenomenon is disturbingly common among health-conscious eaters, especially those diligent about eating plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, low-fat dairy products, and whole grains. Granted, not very primal, but even super-primal-aligned folks suffer from digestive difficulties related to eating their abundant servings of veggies and fruit. The condition is called Fruit Belly—a […]

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I Tested 7 Natural Ways To Fall Asleep. Here's What ACTUALLY Worked

For most of my life, I've had a hard time falling asleep. My mind seems to light up with random thoughts, worries, and stresses as soon as my head hits the pillow. There was a phase when I relied heavily...

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What You REALLY Need To Know About Female Viagra

Flibanserin, also known as pink Viagra, was approved by the FDA in late August. Although decades of research has been funneled into male sexual dysfunction, the female libido has been mostly relegated...

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How I Lost 70 Pounds In 6 Months In Prison

Growing up as a first-generation American on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, I was exposed to poverty and drug use at a young age. As a child, I dodged junkies shooting up heroin in the cramped hallways...

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Why I Decided To Share My Nude Pictures

This isn't easy for me. In fact, it's deeply personal. It's the most vulnerable I can be, but in a way, I'm glad you can see me for exactly who I am: strong, confident, worthy, loved. I love my body,...

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Better Than Botox: 5 Ways To Naturally Restore Your Skin (Without Injections!)

Botox has become so popular that even twentysomethings are holding Botox parties and lining up for injections. Listen, I get it ... all of us want soft, smooth, wrinkle-free skin. But here’s the problem:...

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What Monogamous People Can Learn From The Polyamorous Community

You may not think someone who lives a polyamorous lifestyle has much in common with someone who's monogamous. I’m a sex-positive counselor and relationship coach who works with people who live alternative...

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Why This Doctor Wants You To Consider A Starch-Based Diet

I get it. There are so many different camps offering conflicting dietary recommendations that some days it seems like you might as well just say WTF, and go for that big bacon burger with extra-large...

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The Surprising Reasons You Get Puffy Eyes & Dark Circles (And 5 Quick Fixes)

One of the most common questions I get asked by many patients is what they can do about the dark, puffy circles and bags under their eyes. Women spend more time and money buying concealers than they do...

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15 People Who Will Inspire You To Drop Everything And Pursue Your Passion

These 15 entrepreneurs have taken risks and turned their passions into engaging careers with the help of the Internet. Using services such as Squarespace , which helps people build beautiful blogs, websites,...

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5 Tips For Perfect Posture When You Sit (Photo)

There's not one perfect way to sit — everyone's body is a little different, so a "perfect" posture will likely vary from person-to-person. Though there are some general rules we all could follow to be...

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7 Things You Should Do Every Day For Your Boobs

How often do you think about the health of your breasts? I mean, really think about them? I don’t mean wondering if they’re too small, too big, too saggy, or too lopsided, or if you’re showing too much...

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How To Deal With Anyone In Your Life Who Annoys You

You consider yourself to be a pretty level-headed person. After all, it's not like everyone annoys you. In fact, most people are perfectly lovely! But there is that one person, the individual who makes...

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I Tested 7 Natural Ways Fall Asleep. Here's What ACTUALLY Worked

For most of my life, I've had a hard time falling asleep. My mind seems to light up with random thoughts, worries, and stresses as soon as my head hits the pillow. There was a phase when I relied heavily...

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15-Minute Dinner: Creamy Polenta Bowl (Vegan + Gluten-Free)

I love food — eating it, cooking it, and writing about it are kind of my jam. But by the time I get home from work in the evening, the last thing I want to do is spend an hour in the kitchen. My perfect...

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One-Pot Meal: Hearty + Healing Lentil Soup

I started making myself this hearty lentil soup as a healthy answer to my comfort food cravings. I reached for lentils, kale, and sweet potatoes because they’re a tasty trilogy of superfoods and chock-full...

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These Fruits Help Your Body Burn More Fat

How to Fight "Manopause" and Low Testosterone

11 Things You Need To Know Today (September 29)

1. Michelle Obama announces #62MillionGirls campaign to help fight global education inequality. At New York's Global Citizen Festival this weekend, the first lady launched a new campaign to ensure equal...

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Experts Link Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals to Diabetes, Obesity

People who are trying to lose weight or manage diabetes should try to change their lifestyle not only to exercise or cut calories, but also to avoid hormone-disrupting chemicals that may be contributing to their condition, experts say.

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1h4GE92

Sweetened Drinks May Damage Heart, Review Finds

Added sugars raise risk of heart troubles, stroke, experts say

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1OCG15t

Genes Help Set Menopause Timing: Study

Findings might one day lead to fertility predictions, experts say

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1KGhBEf

More Evidence Daily Aspirin May Fight Colon Cancer, Other Gastro Tumors

4-year study found survival doubled for gastrointestinal cancer patients who took low-dose pill each day

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1OCFZdy

Childhood Trauma May Boost Heart Disease Risk for a Lifetime

Learning how to manage stress effectively might help, experts say

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1KGhBE9

Health Highlights: Sept. 28, 2015

Religious Nonprofits Challenging Birth Control Coverage Rules New U.S. Program Seeks to Reduce HIV Infections in Africa FDA Approves New Diabetes Treatment

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1OCFYXe

Computer-Aided Mammograms May Not Be Worth the Cost: Study

Software doesn't appear to improve cancer detection rates, researcher says

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1Rc26Gg

Ask Men's Fitness: I started a diet and dropped 10 pounds the first month—but since then the loss has slowed to a crawl. What am I doing wrong?

Watch: Golfer Attempts Backflip, Gets Face Full of Sand

NASA Just Announced The Mars Mystery It Solved

NASA's ongoing exploration of Mars just got a whole lot more interesting. "The discovery we're talking about today is most exciting because it suggests it would be possible for life to be there today,"...

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I'm A Single Mother Of 4. Here's What The Wellness World Gets Wrong

I’m a 34-year-old single mother of four. I have two sons (13 and 10) and two daughters (8 and 5). Because I’ve never been married and my children don't have the same father, there is often an assumption...

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Fit Fix: Jarryd Hayne Is Our NFL Underdog of the Year, and It's Only Week 3

Burn Maximum Fat in 4 Weeks With the "Wheel" Method

10 Intense Fall Scents

These Photos Show What Paris Looked Like When It Banned Cars For A Day

Two months before it hosts the global summit on climate change , Paris is stepping up as a model for green urban living. Sunday marked Paris' first car-free day. Bumper-to-bumper traffic was replaced...

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Dear Mark: Lead in Crock Pots, Norovirus in Smoked Oysters, and Creatine and Carbs

For today’s edition of Dear Mark, I’m answering three questions from readers. First, what’s the deal with lead in crock pots? Some say lead leaches into the food when we cook with crock pots, while others aren’t so sure. And if the leaching of lead from crock pot ceramics into our food is, indeed, a […]

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Children in Foster Homes Need Better Health Care

American Academy of Pediatrics says kids may be traumatized and require more consistent treatment

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1Vm1U80

New Drug May Give Small Survival Boost to Some With Advanced Lung Cancer

Nivolumab is most effective in tumors with a particular gene mutation, researchers report

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1FD7ukn

The 8 Best Frozen Veggie Burgers You Can Find Pretty Much Anywhere

Veggie burgers get a bad rap — especially the frozen hockey pucks you find at the supermarket. Admittedly, none of them can top fresh veggie burgers, mixed, formed, seared, and spatula'd off the skillet...

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This Guided Meditation Will Help You Manifest Wealth

Do you feel embarrassed when you don't have "enough" money? Do you feel guilty when you have more money than your friends? What is the perfect amount of money for you? If you don't appreciate what you...

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What I've Learned After 6 Failed Rounds Of IVF

In our new Realtalk series, we're sharing personal stories about fertility and family planning. We hope they offer support and inspire honest conversation about an incredibly tough topic. The day my husband...

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The 9 Best 5-Free Nail Polish Hues For Fall

As a September baby, I'm partial to all things autumn. School supply shopping, football, coats that are warm but not too warm. And, of course, fall colors. Browns, warm reds, deep greens, gold ... you...

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10 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Find Your Wellness Tribe

I love yoga. I’ve been practicing since 1996 and teaching since 2001. Over this time, I’ve come across every type of yogi. Every time I meet someone new, we seem to ask each other: What type of yoga do...

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I'm A Fitness Professional, But I Was So Photoshopped That I Didn't Recognize Myself

While I’ve known for a long time that most images of models or fitness experts have been Photoshopped, I didn’t realize how drastic — and potentially damaging — these routine “fixes” were until I saw...

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5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Manage Your PCOS

September is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Awareness Month, and the annual occasion always hits home for me. Like millions of other women in the U.S. and around the world, I suffered from PCOS in my twenties....

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I'm Single Mother Of 4 Struggling To Make Ends Meet. Here's How I Fit Wellness In My Life

I’m a 34-year-old single mother of four. I have two sons (13 and 10) and two daughters (8 and 5). Because I’ve never been married and my children don't have the same father, there is often an assumption...

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10 Ways To Feel Better Right Now

Today, I consider myself an extremely happy person, but it hasn’t always been that way. The truth is that I’ve made HUGE strides to get where I am today. I had to dig deep inside myself to access authentic...

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How I’ve Found Strength Through My Father's Alzheimer’s

My once vibrant father, a retired astronomy professor with a Ph.D. in physics, hasn’t known night from day for more than three years now. Gone is his knowledge of the earth’s rotation around the sun and...

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15-Minute Dinner: Thai Vegetable + Chickpea Curry

I love food — eating it, cooking it, and writing about it are kind of my jam. But by the time I get home from work in the evening, the last thing I want to do is spend an hour in the kitchen. My perfect...

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3 Detoxifying Ingredients, 1 Juice Recipe (No Juicer Required!)

If you want to join the green juice craze but aren’t ready to invest in a juicer yet, there’s good news! You can still make nutrient-packed juices, with no juicer required. This too-yummy-to-be-healthy...

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How To Harness The Healing Power Of Orgasms Every Single Day

In ancient cultures, the pleasure and consciousness-altering effects of orgasm were venerated. The word orgasm comes from the Greek o rgasmos ("to grow ripe") and o rge ("impulse"), and the Sanskrit urj...

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8 Things You Need To Know Today (September 28)

1. These maps show the most popular running routes in 20 US cities. Nathan Yau, who runs the blog Flowing Data, used some of that data from Runkeeper to create the series of beautiful minimalist maps....

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Weekend Link Love – Edition 367

I want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who submitted an essay for the Primal Blueprint Scholarship. Between my staff and I, we read every single submission (and there were LOTS of submissions). The sincerity, passion, and strength in each and every essay makes me proud to be part of this community, and thankful […]

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I'm A Healthy 27-Year-Old. Here's How I Accidentally Hurt My Fertility

In our new Realtalk series, we're sharing personal stories about fertility and family planning. We hope they offer support and inspire honest conversation about an incredibly tough topic. A year and a...

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7 Mindset Shifts That Helped Me Lose 40 Pounds

At 23 years old, I was overweight and didn't like the person I had become. I had hit a low in my life and had a difficult time moving past it. I had a stressful job, was a coffee addict, ate very poorly...

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How You Could Be Damaging Your Skin Without Knowing It

When you expose your skin to various environmental or chemical factors, there's always a risk that you'll damage your dermis in some way. There are certainly things you know to avoid for optimal skin...

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Why You Should Never Cut Out Of Your Yoga Class Early

If you have practiced yoga with an instructor, you have likely heard him or her say that the final relaxation pose (savasana or corpse pose) is the most important or most beneficial posture in your practice....

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7 Tips To Harness Tonight's Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

The annual full moon in Aries arrives with extra oomph this year. In addition to being its fiery, badass self, the September 27, 2015 "blood moon" is also a paradigm-shifting total lunar eclipse. La luna...

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9 Signs That You're With the Right Couples Therapist

People often arrive at their first couples therapy session at a point of desperation. But it's so important to slow down and make sure you're with the right therapist before investing time, money, and...

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3 Choices That Make The Difference Between An Ordinary Life & An Extraordinary One

For more than half my life, happiness was something I saw only in movies. The only emotion I had was bitterness. I was constantly struggling with my relationship, my work, and my health. After 12 years...

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Oh My Pie! A Chocolate Chip Dessert To Wow Your Paleo Friends

Oh my, pie! I can’t be certain, but I think there is a Southern law that says you must eat your weight in pie if ever in the Southern states. Pie is not just dessert — it is as essential as the air you...

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Lamb Chili with Harissa

Your next pot of chili doesn’t have to be the same old ground beef chili. Instead, cook up a pot of ground lamb seasoned with things like turmeric and ginger and a few tablespoons of fiery harissa. The end result is a meal that’s still recognizable as chili but has delicious new flavor. You know […]

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Stuck In A Rut? These 5 Books Are Just The Inspiration You Need

Crisp fall air, hot cocoa, chunky sweaters, and good reads: Fall is my favorite season for all those reasons. But I most look forward to the influx of fantastic books. As an author focused on the pursuit...

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Sanderson Farms Recalls Over Half a Million Pounds of Chicken

Man Buns Are Making Guys Go Bald

Fit Fix: Meet the 7-Foot-Tall High School Football Player Demolishing His Opponents

The ONE Move You Should Do For a Super Strong Core

If you’re looking for a new move to shake up your core training, look no further than the l-sit. L-sits are a classic bodyweight exercise that look much easier than they actually are. Yet practicing this...

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12 Things Nutritionists Eat For Brunch On The Weekends

Is there anything better than weekend brunch? You finally have time to French press some coffee and cook up those eggs or pancakes you've been craving all week long. Whether you're a bacon-egg-and-cheese...

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Why You Crave Sweets After A Meal + How To Stop It

I often hear from new clients that they feel stuck craving something sweet after a meal. As someone who grew up always having dessert, it was quite a learning process for me to shift that habit. Many...

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Why You Should Add Masturbation To Your Morning (Or Evening) Routine

Almost all of us masturbate — but are you doing it enough? Masturbation provides so many benefits, you should think of it as a part of your self-care routine. Here are a few of the major reasons you should...

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7 Fitness Myths That Are Wasting Your Time & Energy

A few years ago, it was tough to find fitness advice other than in books or magazines. Today it's a totally different story, thanks to blogs, social media, and digital products — there’s more than enough...

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17 Tips To Make Your Smoothie Ridiculously Creamy Every Time

Healthy smoothies are beneficial for your whole body and fun to make. Thick, ice-cream like smoothies are even better. They keep you full for longer and are so satisfying they don’t leave you craving...

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11 Rules For A Happy & Carefree Life (That You Probably Forgot)

I recently challenged myself to imagine what advice I would have liked to give my 5-year-old self to make his journey through childhood easier. As I was trying to come up with advice on how to navigate...

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7 Things You Need To Know Today (September 26)

1. That "trendy" man bun could be making you bald. Popular among hipsters and cool girls alike, the top knot and man bun (or "mun") hairstyles have led to an uptick in cases of traction alopecia. The...

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Easy Cheezy-Tahini Skillet Kale, in 5-Minutes!

from Healthy. Happy. Life. http://ift.tt/1MP1RlJ

How to Dispose of Unused or Expired Prescription Drugs

Stashing them in a cabinet is unwise; old medications can become ineffective or unsafe

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1G7VbaI

Healthy Ways to Gain Weight

WebMD has tips on adding pounds without loading up on junk food. Learn how to pick high-calorie foods that have plenty of nutrients, too.

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1KzZgIS

These Are The Most Successful Dating App Pickup Lines, Study Says

Congratulations! Mazel Tov! You've matched! Now, what? The dreaded pick-up line. Do you go with a simple "How are you?" or do you get right to the point with "When are we getting drinks?" or do you go...

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These "Ugly" Fruits + Veggies Are Actually The Cutest Things We've Ever Seen

Walk into a supermarket today and you'll likely find shelves chock-full of uniform fruits and veggies — perfectly round apples, unblemished peppers and immaculate red tomatoes. But what happens the less...

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Bullied Teens Who Exercise May Lower Suicide Risk, Study Finds

But researcher adds that many U.S. schools have cut opportunities for physical activity

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1gV4c0d

New Genetic Clues to Which Breast Cancers Might Return

Scientists found there were differences between primary and recurring tumors

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1KzEGbD

You Have To See What This Little Girl Catches With Her Barbie Fishing Pole

Can't you hear that boom, badoom, boom, boom, badoom, boom, bass? Like Nicki Minaj, Avery loves Barbie and is a strong-willed female, but she definitely puts Nicki's " Super Bass " to shame. Earlier this...

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Health Highlights: Sept. 25, 2015

Labels on Yohimbe Products Inaccurate: Study

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1KUseoc

With Liposuction, Weight Should Guide Fat Removal Limits: Study

People with higher body mass can have more removed safely, researchers claim

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1KUprLD

Sleep Apnea May Raise Risk of Depression

Study suggests popular apnea treatment could help ease symptoms of mood disorder

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1LS42zd

The Primal Lifestyle Works for Me

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep […]

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So Your Partner Betrayed You: Here's How NOT To Let It End Your Relationship

Betrayal can take many forms — from a garden-variety lapse in judgment to a genuine heartbreaker or marriage ender. Many of these moments could be avoided if we took the time to pay attention to what...

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WATCH: The 2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty Frame Holds 8 F-150s and a Tonka Truck!

10 Amazing "Natural" Beauty Treatments You Won't Believe Exist

"Beauty is pain," or so the saying goes. But what if beauty was actually lamb placenta facials and snake massages? Yeah, you read that right — those treatments actually exist in the world, along with...

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Why You Should Consider Sleeping On The Floor

Sleeping on a mattress is a relatively new phenomenon though most of us have been doing it since we were born. One question most of us have never asked, though, is why do we sleep on mattresses? We all...

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Foods To Sharpen Your Memory, Improve Your Mood + Be Mentally Sharp Past 100

I want my mind to be clear so I can recognize my children, my grandchildren and hopefully my great grandchildren when I am in my 80s and beyond. Furthermore I plan on playing scrabble with my grandchildren...

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Use This Guided Visualization Practice To Finally Lose Weight

Can you name three things you love about your body right now? If it is easier for you to name three things you "hate" about your body than three things you truly enjoy, then please keep reading. Your...

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Happy Birthday, Shel Silverstein! 16 Quotes & Poems To Inspire You Today

Born on September 25, 1930, poet, singer-songwriter, cartoonist, screenwriter, and children's author Shel Silverstein would have been 85 today. Probably best known for his books of poetry like Where the...

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3 Core Moves You Can Do With Two Kitchen Towels

You don't need fancy equipment or a lot of time to get a good workout in. For this fitness sequence, just grab two old dish towels and get started. These three core-strengthening moves will leave your...

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The One Thing That Could Be Holding You Back From Your Best Sex Life

Sexual guilt is a self-imposed struggle. It takes place entirely within our minds, and yet it holds us back from open, spontaneous, and authentic sexual expression. Feeling sexy and feeling guilty are...

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13 Tricks To Have A Great Poop, Every Time

It's a common problem that most people avoid talking about. I, on the other hand, love discussing constipation, particularly because it can be a big indicator of your current health. Constipation has...

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6 Signs You're Arguing With A Psychopath

Psychopaths make up one percent of the general population and, contrary to popular belief, most of them aren't serial killers. They're manipulative people who intentionally cause harm to others without...

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5-Ingredient Butternut Squash Soup

Eating this delicious, vegan-friendly soup is the perfect way to warm up on a cool fall night. It's also a great recipe for apple-picking season, as I like to add sliced apples for a tasty twist. I find...

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12 Things You Need To Know Today (September 25)

1. We knew apple cider vinegar was amazing, but we never could have predicted that it might save the Great Barrier Reef. Take that, coconut oil! ( BBC ) 2. Americans have been eating more full-fat foods....

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Here’s How To Minimize The Hazardous Chemicals In Your Child’s Back-To-School Routine

It’s back-to-school time. Grab a backpack. Pack a lunchbox. But this year, leave the toxic chemicals behind. Shopping for the newest and shiniest supplies is a fun September ritual, but certain school...

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MRIs Before Breast Cancer Surgery on the Rise: Study

Use of imaging tool has jumped dramatically, despite unclear guidelines on its use in this setting

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1Fx4eHc

105 Plant-Based After School Snack Recipes!

from Healthy. Happy. Life. http://ift.tt/1Vc2Tgd

17 Best Restaurants For Plant-Based Eating We've Tried

A new crop of vegetable-forward restaurants is popping up around New York City. Emphasizing seasonal (and healthy) dishes, these cafés and restaurants are trading in the hippie vibes for a cooler, more...

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Listeriosis Outbreak Linked to Soft Cheeses

Listeriosis Outbreak Linked to Soft Cheeses

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1NX9wyC

Retirement Might Not Agree With Your Health

Report found seniors who stayed in the workforce were better off physically

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1NX9wim

10 Percent of U.S. Women Drink During Pregnancy: Study

And 3 percent binge drink while expecting

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1iz56AH

This 23-Year-Old Lingerie Model With No Legs Is Challenging Beauty Standards

Kanya Sesser is a surfer, a model, and a motivational speaker — and she was also born without legs. She's come a long way since being adopted from an orphanage in Thailand at age 5. Now, at age 23, she...

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Older Adults' Hearing Loss May Be Tied to Earlier Death

Findings don't prove that impaired hearing is to blame, but draw attention to quality-of-life issues

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1KC1h4h

Mindfulness Calms Nerves at School and Work

This simple technique can ease stress and boost your focus, and training programs for it are catching on in schools and workplaces across the country. WebMD has the story.

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1NP2hY0

Contraceptive Implant Under Microscope Amid Questions of Safety, Altered Trial Data

Essure has generated more than 5,000 complaints of serious side effects.

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1NWwsy4

For Unexplained Infertility, Breast Cancer Drug No Better Than Standard Treatment

Study found letrozole did not result in more pregnancies compared to two other fertility drugs

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1L8ByqD

Want Your Kids to Exercise? Skip the Guilt

Pressuring middle schoolers to get active can backfire, researchers say

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1KEggLK

Coffee May Not Risk Irregular Heartbeat, Study Claims

Finds no link between beverage and increased odds of atrial fibrillation

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1MsjNzG

12 Ways We All Contribute To Rape Culture Without Realizing It

Trigger warning: This piece is about sexual violence. Rape culture isn’t just about offensive frat chants and the above-the-law pedestal on which we put sports stars (aka jock worship ); rape culture...

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Almost Half of American Adults With HIV Don't Take Meds: Report

Finding highlights challenges of 'unequal epidemic,' researcher says

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1KE8fGH

Taking Blood Pressure Drugs at Night May Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Study finds taking medication at night cut risk of blood sugar disorder in half

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1OwjIOJ

Dalai Lama: If A Female Dalai Lama Comes, She "Must Be Very Attractive"

Apparently, as progressive as the Dalai Lama's stance on social issues might seem, he's still a pretty big sexist. He identifies as a feminist — "someone who fights for women's rights" — but he...

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Fit Fix: The Return of "Good Burger" — and What Happens When You Eat One

2 Ways to Amp Up Cycling Workouts

The Best (and Worst) Colleges for Hooking Up, According to The People Who Go There

Dr. Oz Gives Health Advice (and More) on Z100 Show This Morning

This $1000 Primal Shopping Spree Could Be Yours

Today’s the day for another primal giveaway! Over the last year I’ve teamed up with Thrive Market to give Mark’s Daily Apple readers (you!) free jars of coconut oil, free jars of Primal Kitchen™ Mayo, exclusive eBooks, and even a $500 primal shopping spree. Not to mention dozens of free memberships. But now we’re taking things to the next level. […]

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5 Common Mistakes That Keep People Stuck In Therapy

I've seen amazing transformation in my holistic psychotherapy practice, but over the years I've noticed some themes emerge among folks who are less likely to change. These are the five core barriers that...

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9 Better-For-You Beauty Products You Can Find At Trader Joe's (Under $12)

It's rare that a week goes by without me making at least one stop at Trader Joe's. Sure, the checkout lines are long, often wrapping all the way around the small New York City stores, but those 1-pound...

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What I Wish More People Understood About Losing A Loved One To Suicide

If you or someone you know is depressed and needs help, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK or visit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Every year, more than 41,000...

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How To Get The Effects Of Masturbating Without Doing It

There's no denying that people love to masturbate. It's the second most common human sex act, according to Martha Cornog in The Big Book of Masturbation. People masturbate for a variety of reasons, aside...

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I'm A Doctor Who Specializes In Diet + Nutrition. Here's Why I DON'T Have Concerns About Vegan Diets

As a doctor and weight loss expert, I often receive requests to counter arguments that claim a vegan diet is bad for you. Most I ignore. As much as I would like to respond to the anti-vegan propaganda,...

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Take Control Of Your Schedule (It’s Wreaking Havoc On Your Body!)

A swirl of work emails, dinner parties and workouts leaves us little time to properly schedule the day. We answer emails in bed instead of sleeping. We slurp down three coffees instead of taking a morning...

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19 Easy Ways To Reaffirm Your Love In A Long-Term Relationship

Whether you’re having one of the best days of your relationship or you’re mid-argument, your partner wants to know you’re still in love. Daily affirmations serve as gentle reminders that you’re still...

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A 20-Minute Practice That Will Give You Loads More Energy

Do you feel a lull in your energy level at around 3 or 4 p.m.? Do you feel just burnt out at the beginning of the day and does that feeling seem to increase in the afternoon? As an Ayurveda practitioner,...

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Doughnuts Aren’t The Devil: An Argument For Sugar & Carbs

You can’t pass a magazine stand, flip on the TV, or walk down a grocery store aisle without being bombarded with promotions for carb and sugar restriction. What once were simply considered certain types...

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4 DIY Household Cleaners Made With Ingredients You Already Have

Let's face it — life's messy. Getting your space spick-and-span can be tricky, especially when you're strapped for time and money. But have no fear; these DIY recipes from eco-guidebook The Toxin-Free...

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17 Best Restaurants In NYC For Plant-Based Eating

A new crop of vegetable-forward restaurants is popping up around New York City. Emphasizing seasonal (and healthy) dishes, these cafés and restaurants are trading in the hippie vibes for a cooler, more...

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3 Reasons Superfoods Won't Help You Lose Weight

As long as obesity remains a worldwide problem, there will be plenty of quick fixes marketed as the next great solution: Do this exercise. Try this supplement. Eat this food. Some of these “solutions”...

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Unbelievably Healthy & Creamy Raw Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

What I love about my lifestyle is that I treat myself to healthy and very delicious meals and I never have to feel guilty about it. That’s the way it should feel for everyone. This recipe is one of my...

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12 Things You Need To Know Today (September 24)

1. An Apple Watch might save your life. It helped one Massachusetts teen get to the hospital after he realized his heart rate was still abnormally high two hours after a football practice. He was diagnosed...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1QzNLmh

Dizziness After Standing May Hint at Higher Risk of Early Death

But other conditions, such as dehydration and diabetes, can also make you woozy, experts say

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1gOUz3d

Non-Antibiotic Medicine May Fight Drug-Resistant 'Superbug'

Mouse study found treatment was effective and safe; currently unknown if therapy will help in humans

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1KvE5aL

These Photos Show How Nothing On Instagram Is Really What It Seems

Instagram is a powerful tool: it can help us sneak a peek into the lives of people we admire — celebrities, adventurers, fashion bloggers, you name it — or show your followers all the awesome things you've...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1G39n4F

Fidgeting Might Be Good for Your Health

Having the jitters may undercut some of the negative effects of prolonged sitting, British study contends

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1LwPUjg

Researchers Pinpoint Brain Region That Manages Multistep Tasks

Brain injury, diseases can easily disrupt this area that helps control behavior, study finds

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1WiSKLZ

Not All Trans Fats Harm the Heart, German Study Contends

Those found naturally in dairy, meat products may help, while low levels of artificial trans fats might not hurt

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1LNYJRj

Yogi Berra's Legacy: The 21 Best "Yogisms" Of All Time

Here at mbg, we definitely appreciate yogis — but this Yogi was in a league of his own. You don't even need to be a baseball fan to appreciate Yogi Berra's unbeatable genius. His colorful sayings, known...

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Fit Fix: Steph Curry Silences the Doubters, Tank Abbott Calls Out Ronda Rousey, and Yogi Berra Passes Away

Antidepressants Top Treatment Choice for Severe PMS: Researchers

Other options include birth control pills, calcium, study says

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1NMeNHL

Chagas Disease Parasite Prevalent in Texas 'Kissing Bugs'

Study finds almost two-thirds of these insects could transmit potentially deadly infection

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1G2B6mh

The Pill You Should Consider Taking Every Day: A Cardiologist Explains

How many times have you heard "take two aspirin and call me in the morning”? It may be an old joke, but this potent pill, derived from the bark of willow trees, was first recognized over 2,000 years ago...

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Employers Shift More Health Costs To Workers, Survey Finds

Even as premiums for employer-based insurance increased only moderately this year, deductibles rose faster than total spending.

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1NTjukP

10 Things You Shouldn’t Do If You’re Trying to Build Muscle

While it’s important to think positive and focus on all the things you should be doing to achieve your goals, it’s equally important that we focus on those things that interfere with our goals and remind ourselves to avoid doing them. Some call it the “not to do list,” which I like. Many of the behaviors […]

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I Didn't Realize I Was Sexually Assaulted. Here's Why I'm Sharing My Story Now

A year ago, I went to Las Vegas with my girlfriends to celebrate our university graduation. On our first day there, my friends and I went to a loud, large, messy pool party at one of the hotels. Within...

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11 Quinoa Bowls That Make It Easy (And Delicious!) To Eat Clean

The concept of "bowl" meals is pretty simple — you toss a bunch of ingredients into a specifically shaped dish, add a bit of finesse, and POOF! it's a cohesive meal. Bowls are catching on because they're...

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Why We Should All Celebrate Our Breakups + How To Do It

When performance artists Marina Abramovic and Ulay (Uwe Laysiepen) ended their 12 years as lovers and artistic partners, they honored the occasion by painstakingly walking the Great Wall of China. Marina...

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17 People Who Were Into Wellness Before It Was A Thing

Today, a morning green juice is almost as ubiquitous as a cup of coffee. It’s hard to remember a time when we weren’t concerned with eating organic foods, exercising daily, and aiming to embody a healthy...

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How I Healed From A 6-Year Illness By Changing My Diet

In January of 2008, I had been sick for six years and had to cancel my birthday lunch because I couldn’t sit up that long. A year later, I threw a party for dozens of friends and danced until midnight....

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10 Signs You're A West Coast Yogi

I was born and raised in New York City. I grew up on the streets of the Upper West Side and never thought I’d live anywhere else. But in 2001, the beaches and mountains of Southern California worked their...

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Why You Should Think Twice Before You Pop That Aspirin: A Cardiologist Explains

How many times have you heard "take two aspirin and call me in the morning”? It may be an old joke, but this potent pill, derived from the bark of willow trees, was first recognized over 2,000 years ago...

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I'm A Nutritionist. 6 Simple Eating "Rules" I've Lived By For 30+ Years

I am a certified nutrition expert, but I haven’t always had the healthiest eating habits. I grew up in the 1970s, in a Jewish household that didn’t exactly follow clean eating principles. Luckily, my...

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4 Basic Exercises People Do All Wrong + How To Correct Your Form

When you’re taking a fitness class, working out is like performing on a stage. It’s easy to get caught up with the quick movements and rhythm of the music, but it's easy to let good form fall by the wayside....

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Try This 5-Move, No-Gym Workout

I'm a group fitness trainer and my clients love this type of workout because they learn to incorporate simple yet powerful moves into any activity — and you don’t need to go to the gym! Before you begin,...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1KAgIuA

10 Habits Of Highly Successful Vegans

Being a highly successful vegan is simple but it’s not always easy. While some of us are able to thrive on the lifestyle with minimal effort, it's not common. The vast majority of vegans weren't raised...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1LvL59E

5 Rules To Follow When Shopping For Green Beauty Products

Here are some simple rules for reading ingredient labels: Rule 1: Read from top to bottom. Companies generally list ingredients in order of quantity (greatest to least). The ingredients listed first will...

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9 Things You Need To Know Today (September 23)

1. Stella McCartney created a post-mastectomy bra — and it's beautiful. In a tribute to her mother, who passed away from breast cancer in 1998, and survivors everywhere, Stella McCartney created a post-double-mastectomy...

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Washington, D.C., Delays Proposed Trainer Regulations

Watch This 100-Year-Old American Set 5 World Records

FAQ: Pregnancy Complications and Your Heart

WebMD asked a researcher and a women's heart-health expert about a new study that links pregnancy complications to a later risk of dying from heart disease.

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1iv77Oc

Some Prostate Cancer Patients May Not Benefit From Hormone Therapy

Analysis found men with heart disease might live longer when treated with radiation alone

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1MoFQaC

Drug May Calm Agitation in Alzheimer's Patients

It's a combination of cough suppressant and heart medication, and experts don't yet know why it may work

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1MoFQYa

Relaxed Guidelines on PSA Testing Might Miss Aggressive Tumors: Study

Men who could be cured of more advanced prostate disease may be diagnosed late, some researchers say

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1V84bss

Most Americans Will Experience At Least 1 Diagnostic Error: Report

In some cases the consequences can be severe, expert panel notes

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1KyBr1Z

This Is The Drink Being Called "The Next Kombucha"

Here at mindbodygreen, we take kombucha pretty seriously. (You should see our office fridge!) So when word got out that another drink was dubbed "the next kombucha," we had to investigate. Switchel is...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1KLyJtz

Is This The Next Kombucha?

Here at mindbodygreen, we take kombucha pretty seriously. (You should see our office fridge!) So when word got out that another drink was dubbed "the next kombucha," we had to investigate. Switchel is...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1Lu5ITP

Realistic Barbie Reaches A Huge Milestone: She Got Her Period!

Getting your period can be a traumatic event if you aren't expecting it. You might be scared because, wow, that's a lot of blood! And because no one really talks about it, you might feel embarrassed,...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1V7R0Ih

You Carry Your 'Microbial Cloud' With You

Individuals release bacteria into their surroundings, sealed chamber study finds

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1OsqqVY

Psychology vs. Psychiatry

Confused by the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist? WebMD explains who does what and how that affects treatment.

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1LLdVPf

Fit Fix: Will Ferrell on Drunk History, Ryan Reynolds Gets Slapped, and 100-Year-Old Track Star Sets 5 Records

Beet Juice Boosts Muscle Power in Heart Patients

Researchers say dietary nitrate could help these patients climb stairs and get out of a chair

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1Osm3Ko

10 Beautiful Yoga Poses On Instagram (Just In Time For National Yoga Month!)

Since September is National Yoga Month, we asked all of our @mindbodygreen Instagram followers to snap a photo of their favorite yoga pose and share it. This month-long celebration of asanas led to many...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1KKuQoD

What You Need to Know About Foodborne Illness – Part 2: Kitchen Strategies

Last week’s post on foodborne illness might have set a few people’s teeth (or stomachs) on edge. For others, it might have brought up some unfortunate memories of weathering their own bouts of food poisoning. Regardless, reading much about these nasty little pathogens surely makes a person want to know how to steer clear of […]

from Mark's Daily Apple http://ift.tt/1j5T4iD

10 Badass Yoga Poses On Instagram This Month

Since September is National Yoga Month, we asked all of our @mindbodygreen Instagram followers to snap a photo of their favorite yoga pose and share it. This month-long celebration of asanas led to many...

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I Gave Up Gluten, Alcohol, Sugar, Coffee, Meat & More For 21 Days. Here's What I Learned

Aside from the days when I was strict vegan, I’d never consciously given up anything. I have friends who are gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, etc. I wondered why that didn’t appeal to me. Was there...

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Elizabeth Gilbert Is Back: 8 Amazing Lessons From Her New Book

Elizabeth Gilbert is cast as an infallible, Oprah-like character as often as a snake oil saleswoman peddling enlightenment. Even after I read Eat, Pray, Love — admittedly a few years late, and only after...

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What You Need To Know About The Gene Mutation That Affects 40% Of The World

Your body is made up of trillions of cells, each containing your genes — the specific instructions that make you who you are. Genes are sections of DNA, your body's master manual. The latest estimate...

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I Suffered A Miscarriage At 8 Weeks. Here's What No One Talks About

In our new Realtalk series, we're sharing personal stories about fertility and family planning. We hope they offer support and inspire honest conversation about an incredibly tough topic. When I first...

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How To Quiet Your Inner Critic

Of all the struggles I’ve encountered while working with others as a life coach and while dealing with my own roadblocks, the inner critic is the most powerful and the most ubiquitous. If we were to tune...

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The 5 Healthiest, Natural Solutions For Acne-Prone Skin

Many of us have battled acne at least once in our lives. Whether it was during our hormonally turbulent teens, overconsumptive 20s, or as our body chemistry shifts during and after pregnancy and in later...

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6 Reasons You'll Fall In Love With AcroVinyasa Yoga

The art of acrobatics and yoga have been around for a very long time. These practices have so much to teach humans about trust, surrender, clear communication, focus and most importantly, the art of play....

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5 Times You Deserve To Say No

We’re all susceptible to the “do more and be more” message. We feel guilty when we take a day off. My New Year’s resolution this year was to say no more often, and it has been one of the hardest and most...

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How To Protect Your Relationship When You're Drifting Apart

Sometimes we feel like we're rushing through life so fast that we're missing out. You try to prioritize exercise and meditation, but self-care is often the first thing to go when the chaos rises. Trying...

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5 Key Ingredients For Creating Delicious Meals (That Just Happen To Be Vegan)

From the editor: The secret to making a vegan meal isn't recreating a meaty meal with some dubious "meat substitute", it's about bringing out the best in the ingredients you're working with. It's about...

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8 Ways To Stop Emotional Eating In Its Tracks

For most of my life, I struggled with my body. I always thought I had to be thinner and more attractive, and my body never seemed to cooperate. For years I ignored my body’s signals, overlooked my hunger,...

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If You Haven't Seen the #PizzaRat Video, You Need To

Apple Watch Catches Football Player's Dangerous Condition

4 Extreme Vacations to Test Your Mettle

8 Things You Need To Know Today (September 22)

1. Americans aren't getting enough vegetables. A new USDA report finds that almost half of all veggies available in the US are tomatoes and potatoes — far from the variety of dark, leafy greens and colorful...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1MnFDEu

Pregnancy Complications May Be Linked to Later Heart Disease

Risk was particularly high for women who had more than one health problem during pregnancy, study suggests

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1KwnSyZ

Psychology vs. Psychiatry

Confused by the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist? WebMD explains who does what and how that affects treatment.

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1WejKvZ

Heart Attack Shouldn't End Your Sex Life

Research shows it equals same level of physical exertion as a brisk walk

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1V6q5an

Adult Obesity Rate Tops 30 Percent in Half of States

Highest rates found in the South and Midwest: report

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1V6q5am

What This 92-Year-Old Man Did For His Dying Wife Will Move You To Tears

Whoever said life isn't a fairytale clearly never met Howard and Laura — a couple that's been married for 73 years. Before Howard, 92, left to fight in WWII, his wife Laura, 93, sang "You’ll Never Know"...

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Happy Birthday, Bill Murray! 17 Of His Most Awesome, Inspiring Quotes

Dr. Peter Venkman, Todd DiLaMuca, Carl Spackler, Private John Winger, Tripper Harrison, Phil Connors, Steve Zissou or Nick the Lounge Singer ... whatever character you know him by, you know Bill Murray...

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This Is Why Everyone Was Wearing Green Ribbons At The Emmys Last Night

Later in this year's Emmy Awards ceremony, Jeffrey Tambor took the stage to accept the Best Lead Actor award for his performance in "Transparent." You've probably heard about his touching speech dedicating...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1MmvyHW

Happy Birthday, Bill Murray! 18 Of His Most Awesome, Inspiring Quotes

Dr. Peter Venkman, Todd DiLaMuca, Carl Spackler, Private John Winger, Tripper Harrison, Phil Connors, Steve Zissou or Nick the Lounge Singer ... whatever character you know him by, you know Bill Murray...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1KvTkgT

Stop Self-Sabotage: Hurting Your Own Health

WebMD shows how you may be keeping yourself from reaching your health goals.

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1WdNtFm

The One Speech From The Emmys That Everyone Needs To Watch

The greatest quote from the Emmy's last night (or maybe in the history of the award show)? [pullquote]"You cannot win an Emmy for roles that are simply not there."[/pullquote] Viola Davis, star of hit...

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Fit Fix: Cam Newton Flips Into End Zone, WWE Crowns New Champ, and Jon Hamm Finally Claims an Emmy

Tonsillectomy for Sleep Apnea Carries Risks for Some Kids: Study

Though the surgery is a primary treatment for sleep disorder, breathing problems can occur afterwards

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1gGBQGQ

Dear Mark: Natural Energy Boosters, Designer Fruit, and How to Be Okay

For today’s edition of Dear Mark, I’m answering three of your question, dear readers. First, are there any caffeine-free ways to boost energy during a (really) long workday? Absolutely (but caffeine still might help). Second, what’s the deal with cotton candy grapes, a new designer fruit? Is it just junk food on the vine, or can […]

from Mark's Daily Apple http://ift.tt/1QT0TDR

How To Have A Conscious Uncoupling, From The Woman Who Coined The Phrase

My parents divorced when I was too young to remember much beyond the tense and toxic emotional residue left festering between them. Theirs was a pretty un conscious uncoupling. So nasty, in fact, there...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1j2yLTn

My Husband And I Chose To Be Child-Free. Here's What No One Understands

In our new Realtalk series, we're sharing personal stories about fertility and family planning. We hope they offer support and inspire honest conversation about an incredibly tough topic. Before my husband...

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A Navy Seal's Morning Routine To Stay Focused & Feel Great All Day

Every day, you wake up with a frontal cortex fully charged with willpower (provided you are getting plenty of good, quality sleep!). How you apply that willpower over the course of the day can largely...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1Wd7ZWx

Yes, You Can Have a Loving Divorce. Here's How.

My parents divorced when I was too young to remember much beyond the tense and toxic emotional residue left festering between them. Theirs was a pretty un conscious uncoupling. So nasty, in fact, there...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1NGAmcS

A NEW Reason to Eat Plant-Based Protein + 7 Simple Tips To Get More

Researchers found that women who ate more high-protein foods, especially plant-based protein , have lower blood pressure and stronger blood vessels — two key factors for cardiovascular health. But it’s...

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Why You Should Stop Shaving + Let Your Hair Grow (Yes, Everywhere)

Back in 2013, I stopped shaving. It started as a kind-of joke: I wanted to take part in No-Shave November! But then it was January and I still hadn't shaved. And now it's 2015 and, yup, you guessed it,...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1j2hFF6

I Sat In A Room Full Of Salt In The Name Of Beauty

Given the option, I'll take salty over sweet any day. I routinely over-salt my cooking, have been scolded by my mother for salting food at a restaurant before even tasting it, and know all too well what...

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12 Ways To Give Your Skin A Radiant, Glowing Look

We’ve all heard the phrase “beauty comes from within.” But beauty isn’t just about having a heart of gold: confidence is key. If we want to stand out, we have to give off the right energy, and a lot of...

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11 Eckhart Tolle Quotes To Inspire Your Day

On hectic days when we accidentally double-book ourselves, or somehow don't finish anything we start, we need peace more than ever. Sometimes all it takes to get our equilibrium back is a moment of quiet...

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What I Tell My Patients Who Want To Naturally Boost Their Thyroid

As many as one in eight women in the U.S. will develop some kind of thyroid disease in their lifetime. Even more shocking, this stat doesn't capture the millions of people who suffer from symptoms of...

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Thighbrows, Thigh Gaps, & Bikini Bridges: When Will It End?

Apparently, arms, legs, necks, and stomachs aren't good enough names for women's body parts. For as long as I can remember, we've had self-deprecating names for them instead: "crow's feet" for the wrinkles...

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A Vegan Dessert Recipe You'll Love: Maple Walnut Blondies

Everyone needs a quick and easy bar cookie recipe up their sleeve, and this is mine. It's great at any time of year, but the combination of maple flavor with walnuts seems perfect for fall. Make these...

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2 Common Yoga Practices That Can Lead To Injuries

A friend of mine recently wrote about experiencing knee pain in his yoga classes, which got me thinking. As a guide and resident healer at Strala Yoga in New York, I frequently see two big contributing...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1NNZoIE

The Kind Of Fighting That Improves Your Life

You know that chatter inside your head that keeps a running commentary on everything you do? It drags you down with endless criticisms, judgments, and comparisons? This is your inner voice, and mine was...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1NNZr7b

How Eating Whatever I Wanted Made Me Healthier Than Ever

If you had told me 10 years ago that I could have as much dessert as I wanted and still be healthier and happier than ever, I would have thought you were joking. But that’s exactly what I am now able...

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12 Things You Need To Know Today (September 21)

1. This guy tried 13 dating apps in 30 days. Here’s what he found. Hint: it wasn’t true love. ( Mashable ) 2. Tory Burch has a feng shui master for her office. We here at mbg had one, too, and her name...

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Cheezy Broccoli Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

from Healthy. Happy. Life. http://ift.tt/1KEHBkC

Weekend Link Love – Edition 366

Research of the Week A novel form of resveratrol improved biomarkers and brain volume changes in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Nighttime caffeine pushes back the circadian clock. Yep, air particulates are bad for you. Your skin biome helps fight skin infections. One valuable aspect of maintaining close relationships? You all shoulder the burden of stress […]

from Mark's Daily Apple http://ift.tt/1iZIcTs

How My Career-Ending Injury Helped Me Find My Purpose

A typical Midwestern boy, I dreamed of becoming a professional athlete. I couldn’t imagine anything better than being one of the star quarterbacks, point guards, or Olympic medalists on TV. In real life,...

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Want To Live Longer & Stress Less? This 2-Minute Video Will Show You How

Breathing sustains us. It’s the most important function we have to stay alive — and possibly the most misunderstood and ignored mechanism we possess as humans. The average person reaches peak respiratory...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1MzvUxU

The Ingredient You Should Avoid In Your Soap, Toothpaste & Skin Care Products

It's official: Plastic microbeads in skin-care and beauty products are definitely bad for the environment. They're the tiny particles used in many skin exfoliators, body washes, soaps and toothpaste,...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1Kui7BZ

6 Signs You Could Have Body Dysmorphic Disorder

For the longest time, I’ve had misgivings about how my body looks. But whenever I’ve mentioned some of my concerns to other people, they look at me like I’m crazy. “You’re gorgeous,” they tell me, though...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1KZ9KVt

Make Your Morning Better With This Chia Breakfast Sundae

This super-healthy, crazy-delicious breakfast sundae comes from Fran Costigan, “the queen of vegan desserts.” Fran is an internationally recognized culinary instructor and author, and she’s all about...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1KuffoE

5 Poses To Take Your Yoga Practice Up A Notch

After practicing yoga for a while, no matter how devoted you are to a style or practice, your body and mind need a change to continue to gain benefits. By doing the same variety of sequencing or moves,...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1FV4mLy

Espresso-Rubbed Prime Rib Roast

This is a guest post from Autumn Smith, co-founder of PaleoValley. Do you remember the time you had that amazing meal at your favorite local restaurant? Or, the time you splurged on a sumptuous steak at that 5 star restaurant? Well, you don’t have to break the bank or a sweat. Here’s a recipe you […]

from Mark's Daily Apple http://ift.tt/1PbVq9V

10 Anti-Inflammatory & Disease-Fighting Foods

Inflammation gets a bad wrap, but it isn’t always bad. As a necessary bodily function for preventing illnesses, treating injuries, and healing wounds, inflammation (at least some degree of it) keeps us...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1LovgBE

I Was So "Healthy" It Hurt My Fertility: My Journey With Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

In our new Realtalk series, we're sharing personal stories about fertility and family planning. We hope they offer support and inspire honest conversation about an incredibly tough topic. As a kid, all...

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Look At These Tiny (And Adorable!) Gardens That Fit In Any Apartment

A little bit of greenery can go a long way. Studies show that nature can help reduce stress , increase productivity , and even improve brain function. That's great news for people who live in rural areas,...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1QO5arT

15 Little Choices That Will Make You Happy Now

There’s a science to being happy , and it’s not as complicated as we sometimes think. According to research from happiness expert Sonja Lyubomirsky , only about 10 percent of our happiness comes from...

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10 Tips To REALLY Stay In Touch With People You Care About

There are so many people in our lives that we want to see more and then ... for some reason we don't. Despite the best intentions, it can be hard to connect when too much time has passed. Here are a few...

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Why Yoga Is Better In The Water

You may have heard of the many physical and psychological benefits that participating in yoga can bring, but most people don’t know that there are additional benefits when you take your practice to the...

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The Yummiest Thing You Can Do with a Medjool Date. Recipe + video how to.

from Healthy. Happy. Life. http://ift.tt/1NIZMIj

Expert Q&A: Losing the Baby Weight

For expert advice on how to lose baby weight the healthy way, WebMD turned to Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD; a dietitian; author of Expect the Best; mom of three daughters; and an expert in pregnancy, lactation and kids' nutrition.

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1OEZDom

The House Of Representatives Votes To Stop Federal Funding Of Planned Parenthood

Earlier today, the House of Representatives voted to freeze federal funding of Planned Parenthood for a year, reports The Hill. The vote comes after an anti-abortion activist group posted heavily edited...

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Washington, D.C., Plans New Training Regulations, Shaking Up Fitness Industry

Fit Fix: Broncos Scoop and Score, "Man of Steel" Sequel Teased, and Beers Encased in Carbonite

Daytime Napping Linked to Diabetes Risk

Being sleepy and taking long naps during the day are both tied to higher odds of getting type 2 diabetes, a new review suggests. WebMD has the details.

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1Lnd7nH

Lady Gaga's Powerful New Music Video Captures The Dark Reality Of Sexual Assault

Lady Gaga, known for using her music for social activism , has just released her most powerful creation yet: a music video for her first single of the year "Til It Happens to You." The song was written...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1QnpoYP

Parents Who Exercise: Overcoming the Challenges

How parents can fit exercise back into their lives and fight the tendency to become more sedentary.

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1ODPvMC

FDA Approves New Drug for Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder

Vraylar is an atypical antipsychotic taken once a day

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1NIpYCX

Teens Copy Parents' Smoking: Study

If mom smokes, daughters are almost four times as likely to get hooked on cigarettes

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1P91nEy

Most Smokers Haven't Considered Quitting

Most Smokers Haven't Considered Quitting

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1LmEZIJ

The Burning Man "Missed Connections" Are Just As Amazing As You'd Expect Them To Be

"You were crying under a crocodile ..." Craigslist's legendary "Missed Connections" are entertaining to read no matter where you are — whether it's "Hot muscle man in East Village" or "Sexy Electrician...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1FkYBMe

Smoking Linked to Greater Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

Study also found continual exposure to secondhand smoke raised chances of developing disease

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1YkhoO2

Parents Should Be Involved in Teen's Bulimia Treatment: Study

Recovery is faster when family is part of therapy, researchers find

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1Km28GS

Tai Chi Might Help People With Long-Term Health Conditions

Study shows ancient exercise improves physical ability in those with arthritis, heart failure, emphysema and breast cancer

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1Km25Lr

Diabetes Should Be a Factor in Weight-Loss Surgery Decision: Study

Health costs decline if obese patients with type 2 get procedure soon after diagnosis, experts say

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1FkYSim

A High Salt and Potassium Diet May Accelerate Chronic Kidney Disease

Study participants had far more sodium than the recommended daily limit

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1YjEd4k

From Hungry and Getting Nowhere to Satisfied and Strong!

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep […]

from Mark's Daily Apple http://ift.tt/1YjzsYA

7 Ways To Get Motivated & Start Taking Charge Of Your Life

As you're reading this, you probably have a laundry list of things to do (perhaps including actual laundry) that keep piling up for a time when you're "less busy." Some of these tasks are mundane chores...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1KVfZto

I'm A Nutritionist. Here Are The Health Myths I'm Sick Of Hearing

Every day in the news, we see health stories that evoke confusion, fear, and self-doubt. One day, a particular food is the best thing for you — and the next we're instructed to run away from it while...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1MuVWCj

18 Celebrities Who Were Really Honest About Their Fertility Struggles

Between Kim Catrall redefining what being a parent means, and Tyra Banks' emotional conversation with Chrissy Teigen about their pregnancy struggles, it's been a powerful few days for fertility and the...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1KqeFZ4

What I Learned About Living From My Friend Who Has A Terminal Illness

Ten years have passed since I first met Liz. She was 19, just on the cusp of adulthood. I remember myself at her age — partying in college as if I would never really grow up. But Liz’s life was nothing...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1imfV8W

8 Causes Of Anxiety & Depression That We Often Overlook

If you’re one of the many Americans seeking relief from depression or anxiety, you’re no doubt aware just how elusive successful treatment can be. In fact, studies find that as many as 40% of people with...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1W7lg2R

3 Yoga Poses For Blissful Sleep

Yoga can help alleviate physical aches and calm mental/emotional stress, both of which help us get a good night’s sleep. This simple yoga sequence is appropriate for just about everyone. It's designed...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1KvESd8

The 30-Second Mindfulness Practice That'll Change Your Life

After a day of teaching mindfulness to elementary school students, it dawned on me that most adults probably don't know the simple tools I'm sharing with these kids. In fact, being aware of the present...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1W7leIh

This DIY Aromatherapy Will Make Your Home Look & Smell Amazing (Naturally!)

Adding a delicious scent to your space is one of the fastest ways to flip a bad day around, create ambiance, and even make events more memorable. In feng shui, rich sensory experiences make good vibes...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1UZRi3G

I Was A High-Functioning Alcoholic & AA Saved My Life

This week we ran a feature about how some women with drinking problems are turning to moderation, not sobriety. The piece generated a lot of conversation on our site and social media about alcoholism,...

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"Everest" Transports You to 29,000 Feet

How Many Calories You Burn During 20 Different Sex Positions

Fit Fix: The Rock Is Expecting, and Alex Trebek Finally Says "Turd Ferguson"

5 Things All Runners Should Do (But Probably Don't)

Runners do a repetitive pattern of movement that can result in problems if they're not careful. Repeated frontal plane contractions (the same muscles working in the same direction over and over again)...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1Kvs5Y4

Summer's Not Quite Over Yet With This Blueberry + Lavender Lemonade

Lemonade seems like it would be good for you — lemons are, after all, one of my nature's wonder fruits, packed with detoxifying nutrients. But most lemonades are packed with inflammation-causing sugar....

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1ilZ7PF

18 Things You Need To Know Today (September 18)

1. A 26-year-old model has started New York's first transgender modeling agency. Trans Models is one of three transgender modeling agencies in the country, founded by Peche Li after she struggled to find...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1KveUGz

5 Photos That Show How Yoga & Nature Belong Together

This fall, let’s be inspired by nature and recognize what’s changing in our own lives. Let’s relinquish harmful attitudes about ourselves and cultivate positivity. Let’s use yoga as a means to do it....

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1Mg446N

Hi-Tech Scans Spot Brain Damage in High Blood Pressure Patients

Researchers suggest doctors could use technology to identify possible therapies to fight mental decline

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1P4M7IK

This Year's Flu Vaccine Should Be Better Match: CDC

Americans 6 months of age and older encouraged to get vaccinated

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1MeGZBs

Artificial Pancreas Works Well in Home Trial

Study found improved diabetes management in a real-world setting

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1NGgUhZ

Ashley Graham & Fellow Plus-Size Models Kill It At Fashion Week In Lingerie

Did I say "walks the runway"? I meant " rocks the runway." Size-16 model Ashley Graham, known for being the first plus-size model to appear in Sports Illustrated (albeit in an ad), one of the faces of...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1LjMkIY

In Colorado, Health Insurance Surges But Cost Still A Concern

A comprehensive statewide survey shows Colorado cut its uninsured rate in half, with one in five state residents on Medicaid. But out-of-pocket health expenses can still be hard for families to afford.

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1ijAL96

Nearly 9 Million People Gained Insurance In Health Marketplace’s First Year

The Census Bureau reports that the uninsured rate fell from 13.3 percent of the population to 10.4 percent. Still 33 million people had no insurance.

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1KoMucU

Chrissy Teigen Has Some Strong Words For People Who Ask If She Wants Kids

Chrissy Teigen's got it all: the modeling career, the angel-voiced husband, the show, the upcoming cookbook, the down-to-earth Instagram persona. What else could she possibly need? Well, according to...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1KszqYn

Sugary Drinks Often Part of Overall Poor Diet

Unhealthy eating, sweetened beverages may combine to raise diabetes risk, researchers say

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1P3qMzs

Antidepressant Paxil Isn't Safe for Teens, New Analysis Says

Review of study data contradicts findings reported in 2001

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1KswcUV

Antibacterial Soaps Fail to Beat Plain Soap

Short exposure to specific germ-killing ingredients doesn't get hands cleaner, study says

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1Fj01XD

9 Ways to Wean a Child Off Thumb Sucking

Got a preschooler who won't stop thumb sucking or finger sucking? Find out what to do about it.

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/WUAqcv

Heavy Drinking Linked to Greater Risk for Alcohol-Related Cancers

Researchers say it's a risk factor for death and disability that can be controlled

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1MdXptH

Why These 10 Famous Thinkers Napped

A few months ago, I wrote a guide to napping that included how, why, and when to flop down for a spell. That wasn’t a random throwaway post. It was the first salvo in a new war. I’m on a mission to legitimize the nap, to destigmatize the siesta for the average working human. And it’s […]

from Mark's Daily Apple http://ift.tt/1KiDzNo

8 Foods To Eat For Glowing Skin

The skin care market is a multi-billion dollar industry in the US. I constantly notice signs and commercials advertising new products promising younger, smoother skin, but what many consumers don't realize...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1FixwsY

I'm A Straight Guy: Here's Why I Had A Threesome With My Best Male Friend

One Sunday last year, my best friend Ian and I got on a train in NYC heading back home from a night out. I took a seat in one of the two seaters next to a cute, short, blonde, while Ian stood over us....

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1P2mXKW

Why Millennials Are So Obsessed With Food

There are roughly 80 million millennials in America. According to research by advertising agency BBDO, half of us call ourselves “foodies.” In recent years, ramen has gone from being the 15-cent package...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1LiEpvB

Happy Birthday, Cheryl Strayed! 15 Of Her Greatest Quotes To Inspire You

Author Cheryl Strayed is 47 years old today. Memoirist, novelist and essayist, Strayed became a household name with the publication of her 2012 book, Wild, a story of self-discovery during a 1,100-mile...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1KorzXE

6 Fun Ways To Workout Like A Kid

When you were a kid, you likely didn’t have to think about fitting in fitness. Your parents may have enrolled you in different sports, or you may have been king of the playground. Whatever you did with...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1MdyyGn

Turns Out "Happy Places" Are A Real Thing: Here's How To Find Yours

I love the concept of a personal “happy place” — somewhere you can escape the stress and constraints of everyday life and feel completely at ease. For some people, it may be a busy shopping mall. For...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1F3Z99t

The Everyday Item That's Causing You Serious Back Pain And How To Stop It

Like most people, you probably stuff your handbag with enough supplies to carry you through any situation. A walletful of membership cards. Reading material for a week. An extra pair of shoes. Just in...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1Mdyyq6

10 Tips To Find Zen In The Chaos Of Everyday Life

Zen — and finding it — simply means slowing down. Imagine your day as a movie. Where, in all that rush and activity, can you push pause or slow down the frame? Figuring that out is finding Zen as you...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1F3Z99s

DIY Reflexology: 7 Points For Your Best Workout

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1MdyA11

I've Had Bipolar Disorder For 20 Years. Here's How I've Learned To Manage It.

While perusing the internet one evening earlier this summer, I came across an essay about a marriage falling apart. The author attributes the failing to her husband’s mental illness. While the writer...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1JcXt8C

Why Mercury Retrograde Is The Best Time To Feng Shui Your Life

Mercury retrograde is a tricky astronomical occasion that happens three to four times a year. It occurs when Mercury passes Earth in its orbit, and appears to stop and move backward in the sky. This otherworldly...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1iiX6n2

A 20-Minute Hearty Salad Recipe

The farro salad you most often encounter in Italy goes something like this: farro, tomatoes, herbs, cheese, olive oil, and perhaps a splash of vinegar. This is my attempt to take things in a different...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1NF1evn

A Quick & Simple (Accidentally) Vegan Tomato Soup

In an effort to reduce my family’s carbon footprint , I recently decided to move our diet to “mostly vegan.” The shift was seamless and went largely unnoticed since we were eating very little animal protein...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1LzMAzw

9 Things You Need To Know Today (September 17)

1. Making your kids play outside might be good for their eyesight. The rate of nearsightedness in children (in first grade through 12th grade) was 9% lower over the course of three years when they played...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1NEQ75z

Solving Your Diaper Dilemma

WebMD provides insights into common diaper problems, including the debate over disposable and cloth diapers. Learn how to be environmentally friendly while keeping the convenience of disposable diapers, and find out what the safety concerns with disposable diapers are.

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1JcGhA2

'Organic Pollutants' Linked to Gestational Diabetes

High PCBs levels in early pregnancy associated with greater risk, study shows

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1MrPV9n

Excess Weight Linked to Brain Cancer Risk in Study

And physical activity associated with lower odds of meningioma, though these tumors are considered rare

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1gs0ZVN

Caffeine at Night May Disrupt the Body's Internal Clock

And that could make you want to sleep later, say researchers, who see possible treatment for jet lag

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1ihLpNu

Cancer Still the Leading Cause of Death for U.S. Hispanics: Report

Lack of insurance is an obstacle to high-quality care, experts say

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1iwtJhZ

These Are The Best Tweets From #MarriageAdviceIn3Words

Whether or not you're married — or, for that matter, in need of advice — you don't want to miss out on this. Started by television host Chris Hardwick on his show @midnight , #MarriageAdviceIn3Words is...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1OfjI5E

Fit Fix: Big Beers Wanna Get Bigger, UFC Fighter Slapped With Ban, and James Harden Makes a Sneaker Blunder

Pesticide Exposure Tied to Diabetes Risk

Review finds these chemicals may boost odds of blood sugar disease by about 60 percent

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I'm A Mom. Here's Why I Support Women Who Choose To Be Child-Free

Becoming a mom is both the most magical and overwhelming thing that’s ever happened to me — and yet I don’t recommend it for everyone. Unfortunately, I see other women get attacked, even on this website,...

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Treating Sleep Apnea May Reverse Brain Changes

Treating Sleep Apnea May Reverse Brain Changes

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More Than 400 Illnesses Reported in Latest Salmonella Outbreak

Tainted cucumbers now linked to 418 cases in 31 states, CDC officials report

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Brain Scans May Take Guesswork Out of Schizophrenia Treatment

Goal is to help physicians make better drug choices for psychotic patients

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The Primal Laws: 7 More Honorable Mentions

A couple months back, I gave you a list of Primal Laws that didn’t quite make the cut, either because they weren’t “big” enough or didn’t apply to enough people. Turns out I was probably wrong: the response was huge and many of you were on the same wavelength. You even offered up some of your […]

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Stuffed Apple Turnover Bites: After School Snack!

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The Hormone-Free Birth Control Method No One Talks About (It's Not An IUD)

What's it really like to use "fertility awareness" as birth control? If you listen to popular opinion, you're probably thinking the following: It's really difficult, extremely risky, and anyone who uses...

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The Only 12 Principles You Need To Sustain A Loving Relationship

A well-respected leader in the meditation community told me he had broken up and gotten back together with his partner 13 times in three years. That was a defining moment for me, because I realized that...

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10 Things Nutritionists Eat For Breakfast

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but it's also the most challenging. Getting ready for work is a race against the clock for most of us — whether you overslept, your workout ran late,...

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Happy National Guacamole Day! 7 Crazy Delicious Ways To Celebrate

No matter where you stand on the green-pea guacamole debate , I bet you're interested in mashing up a few avocados in honor of National Guacamole Day today. So grab a big bag of corn chips, some fellow...

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6-Minute Tabata Workout That Gets Results

Why don’t you exercise more often? When people are asked this question, the same reason seems to come up over and over: “I just don’t have time.” And this likely feels very true — chances are your schedule...

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The Simple Snack That Alice Waters Makes For Her Friends

There’s nothing quite like roasting almonds or walnuts for creating atmosphere; they instantly invoke the sense that the kitchen is being cooked in, and give the room a wonderful, slightly caramel smell....

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A Simple Morning Routine That Helped Me Reach My Career Goals & Make More Money

For the past 12 years, I’ve worked from home. For 11 of those years, I was working for other people. On my typical day, after hitting the snooze button too many times to count, I’d crawl out of bed and...

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Why Women Shouldn't Be Attacked, Judged, Or Questioned For Not Wanting Kids

Becoming a mom is both the most magical and overwhelming thing that’s ever happened to me — and yet I don’t recommend it for everyone. Unfortunately, I see other women get attacked, even on this website,...

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Think You Might Have A Food Sensitivity? This Simple Infographic Will Help You Find Out

Battling fatigue, bloating, constipation or unexplained weight gain? A food sensitivity might be to blame. But do you need extensive testing done to pinpoint your specific sensitivities ? No. These special...

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I'm Totally Against The Body Positivity Movement. Here's Why

#honoryourcurves, #celebratemysize, #healthyisthenewskinny. You probably recognize these hashtags from social media. Often attached to pictures of men and women celebrating their unfiltered, un-Photoshopped...

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In Season Now! Your Guide To Eating The Best Produce At The Market

There’s no time of year that is more noticeably transformational than the close of the hot summer moving into the briskness of the fall. Just as our wardrobes change from skin baring to insulating, our...

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3 Steps To Find Spiritual Guidance When You Need It Most

You’ve probably heard that you have access to all the answers you need by listening within, but tuning in can be difficult when you’re feeling stressed and worried. As a medium and spiritual teacher,...

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Easy Sweet Potato Gnocchi (Grain & Gluten-Free)

Sweet potatoes are a nice alternative to plain old white potatoes, offering more nutritional benefits and great flavor. Here, they replace traditional potatoes in the Italian favorite, gnocchi. Chickpea...

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8 Things You Need To Know Today (September 16)

1. There's a feminist porn connection? A study from the University of Western Ontario found that people who have feminist views are more likely to watch porn. ( The Telegraph ) 2. After 7 seasons, someone...

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Dinner in 30: Fast, Diabetes-Friendly Meals

Get your weeknight meals on the table in no time with these recipes and tips from WebMD Magazine.

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Why Does Blood Sugar Spike in the Morning?

WebMD Magazine explains the many reasons for a high blood-sugar reading in the morning.

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How to Prevent Kidney Disease

Get tips from WebMD Magazine to keep your kidneys healthy when you have diabetes.

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Blood Sugar Highs and Lows

What's the difference between hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia? WebMD Magazine explains.

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Diabetes News Roundup

WebMD Magazine has the details on big headlines about diabetes from the first half of 2015.

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Hand Sanitizers Poisoning More Kids

Poison center officials are warning parents and school officials about a troubling trend -- small children becoming intoxicated after drinking alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

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Have Diabetes? Make a Move

Ready to get fit? It'll help you take charge of your diabetes, burn stress, and make you feel good.

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Hip-Fracture Surgery Risk Not Just Due to Age

Hip-Fracture Surgery Risk Not Just Due to Age

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FDA Bans Sale of New R.J. Reynolds Cigarettes

FDA Bans Sale of New R.J. Reynolds Cigarettes

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Michael B. Jordan Is in Fighting Shape in the New "Creed" Trailer

Ancient Discovery Challenges Paleo Diet

Video: Part-Time Bus Boy Conquers American Ninja Warrior Course

Fit Fix: Check Out This Trailer for "Hardcore," the First-Person Action Movie

Too Little Vitamin D May Hasten Mental Decline

Too Little Vitamin D May Hasten Mental Decline

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Can More Outside Time Help Kids' Eyesight?

Can More Outside Time Help Kids' Eyesight?

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What Beyoncé And I Both Know About Failure

Sometimes you experience failed expectations as heartbreak and disappointment, and sometimes you feel rage. Failure, or things not working out as you’d hoped, doesn’t feel good; that’s for sure. But maybe...

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Get Cart-Smart: Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping

You can eat well with type 2 diabetes when you make smart choices at the grocery store.

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Plain Truth: Diabetes Myths Debunked

Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases -- and one of the most misunderstood. WebMD Magazine debunks common myths about it.

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Kim Cattrall Has A Powerful Message For Anyone Who Asks Why She's Not A Mother

Just like her character in Sex and the City — the always confident, outspoken, "try-sexual" Samantha — Kim Cattrall has never given birth to or adopted any children. But that doesn't mean she doesn't...

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Straight Talk About Diabetes

WebMD Magazine shares tips on how to let friends and family know what kind of help you need when you have diabetes.

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How Does Food Affect Your Blood Sugar?

How Does Food Affect Your Blood Sugar? Test your diabetes smarts with this WebMD Magazine quiz.

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Type 2 Diabetes Control and Preventing Dementia

Type 2 Diabetes Control and Preventing Dementia

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8 Reasons to Watch Cowspiracy - Now on Netflix!

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Rethink Your Diabetes 'Don't' List

Think sweets and alcohol are off limits when you have diabetes? Think again! WebMD Magazine explains why.

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