What I Wish More People Understood About Polyamory

Polyamory refers to a relationship style in which people have, or are open to having, more than one romantic or sexual partner with the consent of everyone involved. Some poly folks have a parenting...

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5 Dishes Loaded With Fat Burning Foods

NFL Combine Drills To Help You Run Faster

The Best Ice Cream.

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Richard Bliss Brooke The Secret Formula For Success

Discover the secret formula for success as laid out succinctly by Richard Bliss Brooke. You will take away all you need to succeed in MLM from this little article

Many Pregnant Women Think E-Cigarettes 'Safer' Than Regular Cigarettes

But expectant moms shouldn't use nicotine in any form, experts say

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Breast Reconstruction Often Involves Multiple Operations

Study finds most breast cancer patients will need two or more procedures to complete process

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What to Expect With Relapsing-Remitting MS

WebMD explains what to expect when you have relapsing-remitting MS.

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Exercise and Psoriasis: Why Will It Help You?

Walking, swimming, and more may help your skin look and feel better when you have psoriasis. WebMD explains why.

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Sexist "Beach Body" Ads Have Been Removed From London's Public Transit

With the body positive movement going full force in the advertising world, anyone who pushes against it is bound to be taken down....

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Can Medical Marijuana Treat Multiple Sclerosis?

Medical marijuana may be an option to treat some MS symptoms if you live in a state where it's legal and your doctor gives the OK.

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Heart Failure Implant Tied to Weakening of Thinking, Memory

Research suggests left ventricular assist devices aren't a magic bullet

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Top 10 Health Tips for Men

A men's health expert reveals the top 10 things you can do to improve your health, boost your sex life, and live better.

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Q&A With Debi Mazar

Actor, cooking-show star, and mom of two Debi Mazar dishes on life with her own entourage.

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Robin Roberts: A Profile in Courage

"Good Morning America" anchor Robin Roberts reflects on 10 heroes in her life who helped her through her health struggles and shaped the woman she is today.

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10 Questions With Reba McEntire

We talk to Reba McEntire about what keeps her going, her secret to aging, and why she's helping fight hunger.

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Top 10 Fitness Tips

A celebrity trainer shares his top 10 pieces of fitness wisdom with WebMD.

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Top 10 Parenting Tips

When it comes to parenting, some guiding principles come in handy. Our expert shares her top 10.

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10 Years of Celebrity Health in 'WebMD Magazine'

'WebMD Magazine' highlights 10 celebrities committed to major health and medical causes.

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Beauty Products to Help You Beat the Clock

Anti-aging treatments keep getting better with time. Our experts round up the 10 best ways to keep your skin youthful.

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Top 10 Health Tips for Women

Want a cheat sheet for healthy living? Our expert serves up her top tips for a lifetime of wellness.

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10 Years of Health in 'WebMD Magazine'

From the first human face transplant to a bionic pancreas, see how far medicine has come in the past 10 years.

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Top 10 Food Trends

Move over, kale! WebMD explores the 10 biggest food trends on the horizon.

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New Drug Kybella Zaps Double Chin: FAQ

A shot that dissolves fat will offer people with a double chin a way to get rid of it without surgery.

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The 10 Cities With The Most Air Pollution In The U.S.

Take a deep breath. We've got some not-so-great news. Or wait — on second thought, maybe don't. About 44% — yes, almost half — of Americans are living in places with air that's dangerous to breathe,...

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Benefits of Detoxing

Discover the benefits of detoxing and get your free copy of Detoxing for Better Health so you can start feeling better today.

Amy Schumer's Hilarious Sketch Sparks A No-Makeup Movement

"You don't know you're beautiful....

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Cloudy Climes May Up Risk of Pancreatic Cancer: Study

Shortage of vitamin D may be to blame

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Coming Soon: A Test to Gauge Your Obesity Risk?

Certain digestive byproducts could point to trouble, best treatments -- someday, researchers say

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Women's Heart Health: Lower Stress, BP Important

Managing stress as important as lowering blood pressure to prevent heart attack, expert says

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What risky behaviors are teens with ADHD prone to?

WebMD explains the link between ADHD and risky behavior in teens.

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Better Diabetes Blood Sugar Management Leads to Fewer Eye Surgeries

Intensive therapy cut risk of needing a procedure in half, researchers report

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The Importance of Non-Negotiable, “No Matter What” Rules

Behind all good intentions – the long-range vision, the ultimate goals, the short-term strategies or daily routines – is our bottom line. What is the least we are willing to accept from ourselves in a given day? This question is probably the most important you will ever ask yourself. Experience tells me the biggest obstacle […]

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8 Foods Women Should Eat + 5 Foods To Avoid For Hormonal Balance

What you eat regulates many aspects of body functioning, including the secretion of certain hormones. Your diet can actually help you maintain a healthy body weight and slow the aging process. Below...

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5 Tricks To Make Quitting Dairy Easy

I've had a love-hate relationship with dairy for many years. While my taste buds love the stuff, my digestive system does not, and I lived for a long time with a host of not-so-sexy side effects such...

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Yoga In Chicago: 18 Photos From The Windy City

The folks of Chicago are some of the most passionate people I've had the honor of working with throughout my travels. When I arrived there last autumn, it had been raining nonstop and the forecast...

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10 Reasons A Plant-Based Diet Is The Best Way To Eat (For You & For The World)

I’m the first to admit that I went plant-based for selfish reasons. At 39, I was a fat, out-of-shape couch potato hurdling into middle age depressed and unenthusiastic about my life. It was only in...

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9 Traits Of The Mentally Fit

Those who thrive in their lives have internalized a deep inner drive that keeps them glued to taking actions that always move them closer to their goals. That doesn’t mean they don’t encounter...

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Purple Barley With Chard + Kale Raab

Kale flowers, also known as Kale Raab, are the flowering tops of the kale plant. They are edible and beautiful; a perfect addition to all kinds of dishes. Combined with the earthy barley, kale raab...

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10 Lifestyle Changes That Happen After You Start Meditating

Once you begin meditating daily, life as you knew it will begin to take on some interesting twists and turns. Old habits will break down, outdated belief systems may come into question and as a...

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5 Signs You're A Helicopter Parent

While the idea of "helicopter parenting" was originally developed as a concept for parents with college-age students, it's also totally possible to be an overprotective and overly-involved parent to...

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7 Mindset Shifts To Help You Choose Happiness

A few months ago, a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to be happy. I looked at her stupefied. What kind of question is that? Who doesn’t want to be happy? How dare someone insinuate that I might be...

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My 3-Step Recovery Plan For IBS: How I Healed My Digestive Problems

I still remember the fateful day when I fully realized the gravity of my “IBS” as the doctor had called it. I was sitting on a tropical island in Thailand with my girlfriend, and I hadn’t gone to the...

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How Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Treat Acne

Though Chinese medicine has been practiced for over 4,000 years, it wasn't widely accepted in the Western world until fairly recently. Dermatology, however, is a unique subspecialty where acceptance...

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When Too Much Fruit Is A Bad Thing

Fructose hasn’t earned a good reputation lately. Recent studies tie this sugar with inflammation, Type 2 diabetes and other metabolic syndrome symptoms. Among its detrimental health problems,...

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4 Reasons To Take Your Workouts Outdoors

While it’s quite obvious why one would choose to workout in a climate-controlled and conveniently located gym tricked out with tons of machines and amenities, science suggests there are greater...

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Tim Ferriss Can Show You How to Learn Something New—Fast!

UTIs Are Getting Tougher to Treat

If you’ve ever had one (or a dozen), you might not be surprised to learn that urinary tract infections, or UTIs, are the most common bacterial infections in the United States.

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Tyson to Stop Using Antibiotics in Chickens by 2017

Tyson to Stop Using Antibiotics in Chickens by 2017

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This May Be The Easiest Way To Get Kids To Eat Healthier

The secret to getting kids to make healthier food choices? A bright green smiley face. Yes, seriously. At least that's what researchers from Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center found in a...

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3D 'Printout' Device Keeps Very Ill Babies Breathing

Flexible implant adapts with child's growth, researchers say

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The Surprising Trick That Helps You Reach Your Goals

Everyone is always telling us to live in the moment — to "carpe diem!" — but what about our goals for the future? Is there a way to be present while still tending to the needs of our future selves?...

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New York City Wants To Go Zero Waste By 2030

It's definitely ambitious — but is it unrealistic? Last week, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced his expansive plan, called "OneNYC," to reduce the city’s waste disposal by 90% — or three million tons...

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Debunking The Myth Of The Highly-Sexed Man

We live in a culture fed by myths. Not the archetypal myths born in the collective unconscious that deeply nourish the wells of the human psyche. No, I'm talking about the myths that are more closely...

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Why I Quit My Job After I Tried Ayahuasca In Peru

Editor's note: This is a personal essay about one man's experience and should not be taken as advice. Many people think they are happy, but they aren’t always fulfilled. At 26, I was precisely this:...

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COPD Tied to Raised Risk for Sudden Cardiac Death

Experts weren't surprised, since smoking often contributes to the respiratory disease and heart trouble

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Experimental AIDS Vaccine Targets Hidden Virus

HIV-infected patients appear to get an immune system boost, study found

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Diet Switch May Lower Colon Cancer Risk in Blacks

Study found more polyps, other markers of colon tumor risk in those eating 'Western' high-fat, low-fiber fare

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Ex-Baseball Star Kirk Gibson Has Parkinson's Disease

The movement disorder often leads to trembling, slowed movement, poor balance and coordination

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Staged - Benefits of Niacin

Dr. Mercola shares the benefits of Niacin - some pretty amazing stuff that it can do for your health! You can buy it over the counter and helps in so many ways! Who knew, right?

Why I Quit My Successful Job After I Tried Ayahuasca In Peru

Editor's note: This is a personal essay about one man's experience and should not be taken as advice. Many people think they are happy, but they aren’t always fulfilled. At 26, I was precisely this:...

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Why I Quit My High-Paying Job After I Tried Ayahuasca In Peru

Editor's note: This is a personal essay about one man's experience and should not be taken as advice. Many people think they are happy, but they aren’t always fulfilled. At 26, I was precisely this:...

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Why Sexual Attraction Isn't Always Necessary For A Great Relationship

We live in a culture fed by myths. Not the archetypal myths born in the collective unconscious that deeply nourish the wells of the human psyche. No, I'm talking about the myths that are more closely...

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Why Your Sex Life Could Be Totally Normal (Even If You're Worried It's Not)

We live in a culture fed by myths. Not the archetypal myths born in the collective unconscious that deeply nourish the wells of the human psyche. No, I'm talking about the myths that are more closely...

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The Big Lie About Sex That Could Be Hurting Your Relationship

We live in a culture fed by myths. Not the archetypal myths born in the collective unconscious that deeply nourish the wells of the human psyche. No, I'm talking about the myths that are more closely...

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For a Limited Time Only: The Year’s Biggest Deal from Mark’s Daily Apple (Expires May 6)

Today, I’m releasing two brand new Primal Blueprint eBooks and giving away several gifts as part of a special offer for Mark’s Daily Apple readers (you!). The offer lasts just one week (April 29-May 6). You won’t want to miss it. But more on that in a moment… One of the primary challenges to living […]

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8 Foods To Avoid If You're Trying To Eat Healthy + 12 Foods To Buy Instead

What you eat regulates many aspects of body functioning including energy balance and can actually help you maintain a healthy body weight and retard the aging process. We are in constant flux with...

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Face Mapping: What Your Skin Says About Your Health

While sophisticated MRI and X-Ray machines leave little to the imagination, they haven't been around that long. Human disease and disorders, however, precede them by millennia. Instead, ancient...

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5 Reasons To Foam Roll Every Day

What I'm about to tell you isn't ground-breaking, but it's important, so listen up: start foam rolling! It's one of those things that seems like it would be simple and easy, but for some reason most...

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The Most Common Lies About Sex + How To Stop Believing Them

We live in a culture fed by myths. Not the archetypal myths born in the collective unconscious that deeply nourish the wells of the human psyche. No, I'm talking about the myths that are more closely...

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4 Overlooked Ways To Become The Happiest Person You Know

Happiness isn’t the easiest thing to come by. We’ve all done the affirmations, practiced our yoga, meditated and eaten healthy — and there’s still no guarantee for happiness. Part of the problem is...

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How Sleeping Makes You Money

I recently found myself part of a sleep study, which entailed having more than 20 electrodes hooked up all over my head and stuck to my body. I went in willingly one evening because I’ve been told...

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5 Mini Meditations You Can Do In 1 Minute

As a meditation teacher, I've heard every excuse under the sun as to why people can’t meditate. “I don’t have time!” or, “I just can’t sit still,” to name a few. It's reasons like these that...

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Love Chocolate & Coffee? You'll Adore These Vegan Truffles

I love coffee and am totally obsessed with chocolate. I mean, who really isn’t? So, I thought to myself, why not combine the two and really wake up my taste buds?! Raw cacao coffee truffles are a...

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6 Habits Of Fit & Healthy People

Thriving in life and fitness goes beyond our workouts and diets. Thriving in life and fitness requires a focus on our mind, body, spirit and emotions. Start trying these six actions and shifts in...

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How To Rescue Yourself From Obsessive Worrying

Worrying has become a national pastime. Whether you're worrying about repaying your college loan, having job stability in an unstable economy or making sure your toddler hitting the developmental...

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This Hormone May Be Your Secret To Aging Well

Getting older is often considered a disease, rather than a normal physiological process in the body. It's true that the levels of hormones, enzymes, and other substances in the body decline with age,...

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I Was A High-Paid Advertising Exec ... Until I Tried Ayahuasca In Peru

Editor's note: This is a personal essay about one man's experience and should not be taken as advice. Many people think they are happy, but they aren’t always fulfilled. At 26, I was precisely this:...

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7 Ways Blogging Made Me A Better Version Of Myself

I started a blog in college because I was obsessed with holistic wellness to the point where all I wanted to do was talk about it. My family and friends were sick of hearing about it, so I took to...

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Why Too Much Cardio Is Bad For You (And What To Do Instead)

I remember how exhilarated I used to feel after an hours-long run (yes, I said hours). The sheer exhaustion, the sore legs, the achy joints ... I thought, "this means I'm doing something good for my...

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Breast-Feeding May Lower Breast Cancer Recurrence, Death: Study

Strongest benefit seen in most common types of tumors, researchers say

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1QGkTL0

Gene Discoveries Could Help Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

New research reveals clues to disease severity, potential outcomes

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1DTPECg

New Report Says Modern Men Value Family More Than Financial Success

A portrait of the 21st century man looks something like this: He'd rather be a good father, husband, son or friend than be professionally successful. He's emotionally intelligent. He's comfortable...

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Tyson Foods Is Eliminating Antibiotics From Its Chicken

The biggest chicken seller in the U.S. has finally seen the light. By the end of September 2017, Tyson Foods will cease to use human antibiotics in its chickens, reported Bloomberg. The...

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The Workout to Wake Up With More Energy and Less Aches and Pains

ER Practices Key to Helping Those Addicted to Painkillers: Study

Giving patients drug that helps ease withdrawal works better than simple referrals, experts say

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1Fv2SLl

Few Sickle Cell Patients Receiving Beneficial Drug, Study Finds

Medication helps reduce painful episodes

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1DxKhZ0

McDonald's Thinks Millennials Will Buy An "Artisan" Sandwich

And has officially rendered the word meaningless....

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Women's Brains May Have Tougher Time Recovering From Concussion

MRI study suggests working memory doesn't bounce back quickly as it does in men

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1doBljK

Milder Autism Typically Diagnosed Later in Girls

They're more likely to show social awkwardness rather than physical symptoms, study finds

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1JOyzhx

Niacin The Missing Link To Mental and Thyroid Health?

Is Niacin the missing link to mental and thyroid health? Find out what Dr. Mercola has to say on the subject, what niacin is and what it can do for your thyroid

Do Low-Carb Diets Cause Insulin Resistance?

A few weeks back in the “How to Improve Your Insulin Sensitivity” post, I apparently dropped a bit of a bombshell: that very low carb diets can induce insulin resistance. Many of you wrote to me asking about the effects of low-carb dieting on insulin sensitivity and wondering whether you should begin eating more carbohydrates […]

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8 Tips To Reset Your Gut & Optimize Brain Health

While every day seems to bring encouraging health news with exciting breakthroughs for everything from heart disease to cancer, when it comes to brain issues, there’s not much in the inbox....

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Why You Should Eat More Bananas (With 3 Recipes)

Bananas have kind of been getting a bad rap. Said to be high in sugar and starch, people have been eschewing it in favor of the beloved berry family. Marco Borges, founder of 22 Days Nutrition, begs...

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9 Inflammation-Fighting Vitamins & Minerals (And Where You Can Get 'Em)

Some vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are particularly useful in our fight against inflammation. Here’s a list of some of the phytonutrients that should always be part of your life. 1. Vitamin...

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Kick Up Your At-Home Workout With These 6 Simple Interval Moves

I want you to forget what every trainer has told you about exercising specifically to target belly fat. You’ll learn why the old equation of calories in versus calories out — creating a deficit in...

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7 Ways To Get Meat-Eaters To Love Plants

Whether you’re on a Paleo, vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, slow-carb, low-carb or Mediterranean diet, every single healthy nutritional protocol on the planet shares one common theme: getting more...

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How To Feel Good When Mantras & Affirmations Don't Work

Repeating positive mantras throughout the day is a standard recommendation to feel happy and brighten your inner light. But can reciting the affirmations backfire? According to some researchers,...

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8 Tools To Create Abundance In Your Life

For years, I lived in extremes, working at a beauty magazine carrying home thousands of dollars worth of beauty products, but barely making my rent. After four years, I walked away from that job to...

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15 Universal Truths About Love

I’ve done numerous interviews and talks about what makes for a successful relationship. I’ve been a marriage counselor for 35 years, and have also written extensively on the subject of love, most...

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What Are Past Life Regressions + Why You Should Care

Do you believe in past lives? And no, I'm not just talking about fantasy novels or fairy tales. A past life regression is available as a form of hypnotherapy that is used to heal and transform the...

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5 Everyday Chemicals To Avoid For Optimal Fertility

When preparing to try to get pregnant or conceive a healthy baby, there are certain things you can do to enhance your journey, and other things you should avoid doing, too. Lifestyle changes such as...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1DwmoAU

10 Signs You’re Being Bullied At Work + What To Do About It

It seems that the bullying we might have witnessed (or experienced firsthand) on the school playground is being increasingly played out in the workplace. According to a national survey conducted in...

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7 Tips To Make Your Home A Mini Mindfulness Retreat

Once a month, I conduct my very own mini-mindfulness retreat at home with a day of mindful activities, in total silence. A day of at-home mindfulness offers the opportunity to be with ourselves and...

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How To Know When You Should Text, Call, Or Talk In Person

How often do you think about the method you use to communicate? How often do you consciously decide to text someone rather than send an email? Or ask for a face-to-face conversation rather than...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1GANX0Q

New Drug Class Slashes 'Bad' Cholesterol, Review Finds

If approved, medications could be used by people who don't respond to statins

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1EfVx03

HHVK is Here.

from Healthy. Happy. Life. http://ift.tt/1DQC4j1

Audi Found A Way To Make Diesel Fuel Out Of Air & Water

It looks like Audi found another "Truth in Engineering": It's possible to make diesel fuel from just water and carbon dioxide. This could be a climate-change game-changer....

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1HPQg3e

U.S. Lowers Recommended Fluoride Levels in Drinking Water

Move is attempt to prevent teeth staining caused by overexposure to the mineral

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1A7fja2

Is Niacin Deficiency Causing Violent Behavior & ADHD?

Pellagra - Niacin deficiency - causes mental illness and violence! You need to listen to this. Niacin is a cheap solution to many problems we face these days without the terrible side affects that most pharmaceutical drugs offer.

Puppy Chews Recalled Over Salmonella Risk

Puppy Chews Recalled Over Salmonella Risk

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1Ex9WWM

The More Sex You Have, The More Money You Make

Your mind and body will always thank you for spending more time getting it on, but they're not the only ones. Surprisingly, your wallet will, too. And no, we're not talking about prostitution. A...

from MindBodyGreen http://ift.tt/1GB5n00

The MIND Diet May Help Prevent Alzheimer’s

The food choices you make daily might lower your odds of getting Alzheimer’s disease, some scientists say.

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1zg3wLO

Hodgkin's Lymphoma Survivors Face Higher Long-Term Heart Risks

Study suggests chemotherapy, radiation can damage the heart for decades to come

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1EJTKUj

Doctor Salaries and Job Satisfaction: New Survey

Although money is still a sore issue for many doctors, according to Medscape's 2015 Physician Compensation Report, most had modest to significant salary gains.

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1bwo33p

Chipotle Has Stopped Serving Genetically Modified Food

Hasta la vista, GMO tortillas. According to a report by The New York Times, Chipotle is the first major restaurant chain to take genetically modified foods — whose DNA is altered to be resistant to...

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MRI May Help Gauge Stroke Risk in Those With Irregular Heartbeat

People with atrial fibrillation could benefit, experts say

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1Dtf5Ko

HPV Vaccine Produces Early Benefits for Teen Girls: Study

Risk of precancerous changes dropped 44 percent several years after immunization

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1Dtf2OL

More U.S. Newborns Enduring Drug Withdrawal: Study

Number of babies in intensive care for addiction treatment four times higher than a decade ago

from WebMD Health http://ift.tt/1KnMAE0

Vegan "Tuna" Wraps (The Only Thing Missing Is The Mercury!)

What if I could give you a little piece of your childhood back in the form of a recipe made of whole, plant-based foods that will not only nourish your body and spirit, but will take a stand for the...

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Dear Mark: Osteoporosis, Body Fat Gain on Caloric Deficit, and Stalling on Primal

For today’s edition of Dear Mark, we’ve got a three-parter. First, I try to help out Karson, a guy who’s trying to convince his osteoporotic, sun-starved mother to try a few lifestyle interventions that may improve her condition without coming off as smug. Hopefully I’m persuasive enough. Next, is it really possible to gain body fat […]

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10 Ways To Eat More Dandelion Greens (Especially If You’re Tired Of Kale)

Over here at MBG, we are really into eating with the seasons. Despite being a sustainable choice, it keeps cooking exciting (you have to somehow figure out how to eat that fall rutabaga and those...

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What I Wish More People Knew About Raising A Transgender Child

When my daughter was four, she started insisting that she had to stand up to pee. By second grade, she was dressing only in her brother’s hand-me-downs and asking me to buy her boy’s underwear. I...

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Can't Lose Weight? The 5 Internal Factors That Rule Your Metabolism

It’s time to get a little more specific about what’s really going on when you have a slow metabolism. It’s not just some theoretical concept. Your metabolism is reflected in your major organ systems,...

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5 Simple Things You Can Do For Clearer, More Radiant Skin

Owning a shop that curates the best in natural beauty means clients often come to me saying, “Help! Fix my skin!” After the number of years I've spent in the industry, one would assume I had the...

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Why Love Isn't About Finding The "Right" Person

All my life, no one told me what love really was. No one ever taught me what a relationship was supposed to be like. I had only two models. One was my parents, who spent most of their time at best...

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Kundalini Yoga: Why It Has The Power To Heal + Isn't As Weird As You May Think

Picture yourself in stress or pain, and a healer sits next to you, lightly touching your arm. Then suddenly, that sinister energy just shifts in your body and you are completely relaxed. The healer...

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How To "Kick" Your Yoga Practice Up A Notch

If your Sun Salutations are starting to feel a bit stale, it might be time switch up your yoga practice. While it may sound unconventional and even contradictory, consider looking for inspiration off...

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A 2-Time Marathon Winner On How He Achieves His Goals

The best goals have certain elements that make your success more likely. Here's what I think good goals have in common. 1. A good goal has personal meaning. Nobody ever told me, "You have to win...

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Perfect Weekday Breakfast: Avocado Toast, Brooklyn Style

The trend of avocado toast is a near and dear friend to Iris Cafe, a local neighborhood cafe tucked away down the cobblestone streets of Brooklyn Heights. The much loved breakfast item has remained a...

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7 Signs You Need To Slow Down Your Life

Sometimes we can become so chronically stressed that we're not even aware how out of balance our lives have become. Often we hear about people who were given a dire wake-up call in the form of a...

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3 Steps To Heal From Infidelity

Infidelity is a tremendously painful thing, both for the person who was betrayed, and also for the person who cheated. Understandably, infidelity can be a catalyst for one or both partners to end the...

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How To Start Living A More Confident Life Right Now

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to breeze through life, enjoying themselves and taking everything in stride, while others spend all their time worrying about this and agonizing over that?...

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A 5-Minute Meditation To Leave You Feeling More Grounded

Springtime can be a very busy season for many of us. We often find ourselves running around and doing all the things we wanted to do all winter long, whether it's meeting up with friends, seeing...

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Vegan "Tuna" Wraps (The Only Missing Is The Mercury!)

What if I could give you a little piece of your childhood back in the form of a recipe made of whole, plant-based foods that will not only nourish your body and spirit, but will take a stand for the...

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Staged - The Top Three Supplements That Help Eliminate Toxins! Number Three Was a Shock!

When it comes to your health are you still digging the hole or are you taking steps to fix the problem?

Staged - More to Breathing than Just Getting Air!

You need to see how much more you can get out of each breath you take by practicing these simple breathing exercises.

The Purium Lifestyle Club - Membership Has Its Privileges

What is the Purium Lifestyle Club and what does it mean to you?

Hypothyroidism Herbs That Help - Licorice

Wondering what are the hypothyroidism herbs that help heal thyroid dysfunction? Discover these and other natural thyroid treatment options here.

Best Detox Cleanse For Weight Loss on Flipboard

Discover how to find the best detox cleanse for weight loss to lose weight, gain energy, eliminate brain fog and feel better.

Best Detox Cleanse

Best Detox Cleanse For Weight Loss - Discover how to choose the best detox cleanse for weight loss and for better health

White Poison! Beware!

It is lurking everywhere, in everything and it is killing us! You don't want to miss this...you need to be informed.

Beating The Depression Hypothyroidism Cycle

Find ways of naturally and holistically beating the depression hypothyroidism cycle without relying on antidepressant medication. Stop losing out on life because of depression with these simple solutions to reclaiming your life.

Staged - An Apology To Our Children

What have we done to our planet and ultimately to the quality of lives of our children? What can you do today to make a difference in being part of the solution? Now is the time, today is the day...we must do something differently...what will you do?

Lose Belly Fat - Customize Your Diet

So your last diet didn't work? Discover how to lose belly fat easily and effectively when you customize your diet as described here.

Oakley the Dog Talks Back About Bathing

Funny dog video. Remember the Cheeseburger tease? This little guy gives his owner an earful about bathing...

Farm-to-Table-How Locally Grown Food Helps to Create a Healthy Lifestyle

Discover how farm-to-table practices can help you and your family achieve optimal health and support your local community too.

Purium Health Products Company Testimonial

Staged - 30 Day Diary Day 24: Did I ABUSE Clark?

Today I discuss certain comments that worried me after seeing all the attention Clarks viral videos were getting. THe biggest one, being asked if Clar

Staged - The Dog Is Incredible - You Won't Believe What He Can Do!

LOL I think Clark might have just outdone himself with this one! He is so talented!

Staged - Will This Make A Difference In Your Life?

See how EFT works and how you can make significant changes in your health and wealth for FREE! Take just a few minutes...watch this video to see how to do this yourself.

Staged - Every Cancer Can be Cured in Weeks explains Dr. Leonard Coldwell

http://www.ihealthtube.com Dr. Leonard Coldwell states that every cancer can be cured within 16 weeks. Dr. Coldwell states how that's possible in this

Staged - The Best Way to Detox Heavy Metals

http://www.ihealthtube.com Dr. Murray Susser is an expert in chelation therapy. He discusses some of the more effective and safe ways to remove heavy

Staged - This is the Healthiest Water to Drink

http://www.ihealthtube.com With toxins like fluoride and chlorine in our water supplies, it's hard to know how to find clean water. Dr. Leonard Coldwe

Staged - Super Amino 23 Purium Amino Acids Benefits

http://NewPathNutrition.com Super Amino 23 is a trademarked product of the Purium company. The scientists that originally developed the master amino a

Staged - Can You Believe What Happened To this Guy?

Love to run? not me LOL, ,.This guy, Casey Neistat runs - it is nothing short of a miracle. Intensity, yep, that sums it up

Staged - Coconut Oil in Your Pet's Diet

http://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/Current.aspx?x_cid=youtube Dr. Karen Becker discusses the importance of coconut oil in your pet's diet. Coconut o

Staged - Who Does Your Dog Love More?

Ever wondered?

Jim Rohn Building Your Network Marketing Business

Listen to Jim Rohn building your network marketing business and his secret to building wealth while helping others and living a meaningful life.

Staged - Avengers Family Feud

Jimmy hosts a game of Family Feud with Avengers cast members Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner...

Staged - GoPro: Pug Life

Brandy the Pug shows us her awesome snowboarding skills in the Southern California snow.Special Thanks to Jonny Dorman.Shot 100% on the HERO3 ® camera from http...

The Million Moms Movement - Making Real Food and Real Health a Priority

Million Moms Movement, because I recognize that what we don’t put into our bodies is just as important as what we do put in.The Million Moms Movement was ...

Robert Kiyosaki Stand Up and Fight!

Find out just exactly why Robert Kiyosaki says stand up and fight! Discover how you can take back your life and the choices you have available to do that.

Organic Aloe Vera Concentrate

Discover how organic Aloe Vera concentrate can help your health and what sets Purium Aloe Vera concentrate apart from the rest of your choices.

Infinite Leverage System – Get Leveraged

Did you take a look at the Empower Network when it was first introduced and think, naw, not going to work ? Have you been around long enough to see the number of people that went from nothing to a lot in a relatively short period of time? I watched. The concept was different. The Dave s [ ] The post Infinite Leverage System Get Leveraged appeared first on JustJillin.

Infinite Leverage System - Get Leveraged

Gain the power of leverage and get serious highly targeted traffic to your offers. Discover how exactly the Infinite Leverage System can make you money.

Purium Gift Card Marketing ---The Handshake of Success

Discover the magic of Purium Gift Card Marketing, how this simple concept can help introduce others to this incredible opportunity simply and effectively.

It Is All Fun And Games Until Margarita and Her Brother Jose Cuervo Showed Up

It is all fun and games until Margarita and her brother Jose Cuervo show up...right? Choose this funny tee shirt for your Taquila, Margarita and Jose Cuervo loving friends. Great Cinco De Mayo party shirt! Or perhaps it is fitting for the day after LOL Buy with confidence ...SunFrog guarantees their work.

Alcohol Detox at Home

Are you trying to quit drinking? Discover how to alcohol detox at home and how it will help you lose weight, feel better and have more clarity.