Original Content Your Website – Curate – Spin – Write It

Yeah, yeah, I know, Google loves original content and everyone is in a tizzy about making sure it is your very own stuff that is being put out in the ether world. When you take a closer look at what constitutes original content on the web you might be surprised to find out that most of the information that ranks high on Google (and other search engines) is not necessarily totally original information. Most information, and certainly almost all news information is either a curated effort, or spun from other sources, like the AP for instance.


Keyword Research A Whole New Approach

Every once in a blue moon, something comes along and totally changes the way you look at a process. This is exactly what happened to me yesterday. I ve been humming along, doing keyword research in the same old way that has been taught for years. It was hit and miss whether the search engines would like what I put out even though I put up back links and interlinks. Even when I do get my stuff to rank, along would come an algorithm change and I d be back to square one.  Not any more (said like Inspector Clouseau). Jennifer Ledbetter, also known as PotPieGirl, has developed a piece of training that is a game changer. If you are doing any kind of internet marketing whether on free platforms like Squidoo, blogger, or Hubpages, or using Empower, Level One or GVO, this Reverse Attack Marketing product is a MUST HAVE. Especially if you are part of the Level One Network as affiliate marketing is the main focus of that platform. It will save you so much time and aggravation. No more waiting d


Top 10 Electric Cars For Kids

Didn't you want a car as a kid? Discover the to 10 electric cars for kids. What a great way to surprise your youngster this year for the holidays.


Seo Optimization Tips For Starting A New Blog

Got an idea for starting a new blog or website? Get the best possible start by reviewing these SEO Optimiztion tips before you start blogging. Discover the seven crucial parts of crafting a blog that gets traffic and makes sales.


Lumbar Spinal Pain? Buy An Inversion Table

There is no way to tell you just how good it feels  if you have been struggling with lumbar spinal pain to suddenly get relief. I have had intermittent back pain for years and find that the longer I let the pain go on the worse it gets, so if I don't address the problem right away, I could be laid  up for days if not weeks while I try to go the chiropractic route

It has been my experience that the longer I let my lumbar spin pain linger the worse it gets. Once I have done the damage, fallen on ice, taken a miss step in the yard, or tweaked my back pulling hay for the goats, I either need to address the situation right away or face being laid up for days!

By using an inversion table right away, I'm not at the mercy of a chiropractor, who in my area, doesn't work all the time (he is trying to retire).

I highly encourage you, if you also suffer from even intermittent back pain, get a table. You will be so glad you did!

In my post over on Squidoo you will discover the top five best inversion tables and how to get the best results while using them.

This is the infrared inversion table complete with heat!

Learn all about which tables are best when it comes time to buy an inversion table:

  1. Inversion Therapy Back Pain Relief
  2. How Using an InversionTable Helps With L...
  3. Buy Inversion Table Solve Your Back Pain...
  4. The Five Best Inversion Tables For Back...
  5. Be sure to see your doctor if you have.....
  6. The Five Best Inversion Tables For Back...

Winning the Candida Overgrowth Problem

What causes candida overgrowth, a fast, free test to determine if candida is present, and some solutions to end candida overgrowth naturally.


What You Need To Know Before You Buy An Inversion Table

If you have suffered from chronic back or neck pain then you have probably thought about an inversion table at one time or another, I know that I have. But what do you need to know before you buy an inversion table? We will be looking at five inversion tables. The pros and cons of each and what customers have to say about them. We will also see what the medical community has to say about the safety and effectiveness of using an inversion table to help with lumbar spin pain.


Boardwalk Burns Wall Of Water World Ending?

Firefighters in New Jersey battled a huge blaze as the iconic boardwalk burned September 12, 2013.  20 building were destroyed in what was at one point a 10 alarm fire burning out of control.

As of the morning of September 13, 2013 the fire was mostly out, but as one reporter puts it, "the firefighters went through hell to put this fire out".

Watch the footage here as ABC reports on the jersey boardwalk engulfed in flames

While the East Coast was burning a wall of water was barreling through Boulder Colorado as over night rains caused flash flooding in 4 Mile Canyon.

Cenobio Chacon tries to get his son's car out of the path of the flood outside his home in north Boulder, September 12, 2013. The car was stuck in the middle of Topaz Drive. (RJ Sangosti, The Denver Post)

Certainly a busy night for emergency crews in the US.  Fire and water, signs of the end? I'm thinking residence of those communities might be thinking so this morning.

NuVie Better Than Botox?


Funny picture right?  While Botox has lots of great medical uses perhaps a topical serum and a good diet is the best way to repair age damaged skin.

Over at Xacey.com/NuVie we look at:

  1. Is The NuVie Better Than Botox?
  2. What Does Botox Do To The Brain
  3. NuVie Skin Care Products
  4. What is Botox?
  5. Natural Anti Aging Skin Care
  6. What are the Best Foods To Prevent Skin... 
There is also a video of Dr Oz talking about the future of longevity in humans with some of the way out there medical technology already being used. You definitely don't want to miss that!

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Introducing FastCoin - The World’s Fastest Bitcoin Alternative

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