Empower Network Might Glitter But It Is Not Gold

Empower Network Might Glitter But It Is Not Gold Are you part of the Empower Network, doing the 8 core commitments and not seeing the results you had expected? Perhaps you have been blogging daily for months have only a couple leads and no one seems to be flocking to your blog to sign up under you dispite the success that those around you appear to


What Is Organo Gold

What is Organa Gold? I was wondering the same thing the other day until I met a young man who introduced me to the wonderful properties of ganoderma.  Organo coffee, tea and other products all contain this amazing ancient Chinese herb. So now instead of feeling guilty drinking my morning cup o Joe, I'm feeling pretty good about myself for incorporating


What Is Ganoderma S Secret Natural Remedy

Ganoderma Healing Powers Mankind has witnessed the healing powers of Ganoderma for thousands of years, having been acknowledged as an integral part of the Chinese pharmacopoeia. The oldest records of the use of this herb was written about 200 (AD), Ganoderma  is spoken of as being superior to Ginseng! Li Shizhen , one of the most renown physicians


What Is Ganoderma Lucidum

What Is Ganoderma Lucidum Ganoderma Lucidum, or as it is also know Reishi and Ligzhi, has long been recognized by the Chinese as a wonder herb. This large, shiny mushroom with bitter tasting medicinal properties grows in the dark, thick mountian woods where the humidity is high. Ganoderma Lucidum can be found in most tropical and temperate zones of


Fast Start With Level One Network What To Do First

  What to do first once you've joined Level One Network Now that you have joined the premier blogging platform, Level One Network what do you do to get noticed right away? The very first thing you should do, after joining the Level One Network, is watch the free training available in your back office. Understand how your blog works, how to do keyword


How To Make Videos For Free The Easy Way

Make Videos Free and Easy Way   Learning how to make videos can be intimidating especially if you think you need to be in the video to start with. We all know that video marketing is a huge segment of the online market place. People remember more if they hear an see a thing than if they only read the information. No wonder you need to learn how


Leverage Your Empower Network Blog When You Move To Level One Network

Making The Most of Your Move From The Empower Network Platform Have you been blogging on Empower Network for months with few or no results? I was having that problem too. I did what the Empower Network said to do; blogged daily, shared with others, but, what? Few trips to the bank.  While I did make some money with the Empower Network, the help


3 Free Seo Tips That Will Get You Noticed And Free Traffic

 3 Free SEO Tips That Will Get You Noticed Not a SEO expert? No problem, these 3 SEO tips will go far to getting your site found. If you are new to blogging or setting up a web based business site, search engine optimization (SEO) is probably one of the most confusing aspects of getting your business off the ground. You know, I'm sure that proper


Matt Cutts Panda Update Link Networks Targeted

Did you hear the latest from Matt Cutts? The Search Engine Journal has just come out with an article discussing Matt Cutts who confirmed that the next Panda update will be rolled on this Saint Patrick's Day weekend. Matt Cutts , for those of you who don't know,  is the head of Google's webspam team. When Matt Cutts speaks everyone listens - some


Drink Water Lose Weight Does Not Get Much Easier Than That

Drink Water Lose Weight Over the past year I have managed to lose over fifteen pounds without dieting! I'm a middle aged woman, been through menopause so those ole hormones that used to keep me thin or at least let me lose weight just eating right are long gone. How did I manage to lose that weight you may be wondering. It was simple really. I'm a simple


Spice Cake Recipe With Zucchini and Apple Sauce Added

Always on the prowl for a simple relatively healthy snake for my kids, when I happened to stumble across the idea of adding zucchini to spice cake from the box it was like a "genius" moment.  The apple sauce takes the place of adding oil, three eggs, fresh from my chickens, makes it even more healthy right?Here is what you will need to make


Surround Yourself With Positive People Because Positive thinking Is Contagious

It is easy to think you are thinking positive, maybe even your self talk is positive for the most part, but maybe you don't even realize that you are being limited in your thinking because you need to actively surround yourself with positive people.Jim Rohn says that you are the average of the five people  you spend the most time with. If you


Making Money At Home Save You Money

An extra $300 a month could mean the difference between both parents working, or one parent getting a second job and being able to care for your children, have a few luxuries and enjoy a better quality of life. Making money at home means you don't have to make as much money to have the same things as working away from home.  Especially if you have


Gun Control Research Memo #4

Today we are continuing are review of Dr Ridgeway's memo on on Gun Control  strategies . So far we have covered Gun Buybacks Large Capacity Magazines Ammunition Logs Universal Background checks (excluding Gun Registration and Continuous...)Here is  Assault Weapons and the last part of Gun Registration and checks...Gun


How To Earn Money Online - Fast Money Online

With the downturn in the economy so many families are struggling to make ends meet. People seem to be losing their jobs right and left. If they haven't lost their jobs, they are working two just to maintain the lifestyle they could maintain easily with one job a few months ago. Saddest of all, to me, are moms having to get jobs and leave their babies


Something Has Got To Change

As Alexander says in the children's book, today has been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, and quite frankly something has got to change!I have no doubt of the possibilities. The first step to join me in this journey together is to watch this video and then click the join button.Let's make the magic happen


I Want My Husband Home (goal Setting Video)

My husband is an over the road truck driver.  He has been a driver for the last 17 years. I want my husband back! Today my goose, Lucy, was killed by a careless driver in front of my house.  Can't tell you how much that hurt me.  Her partner, Gary is wandering around dejected. Though I love my life  and where I live, something has


Black Walnut Tincture Cures Pin Worms

Black Walnut Tincture is an amazingly easy way to get rid of pin worms and other intestinal parasites! While I make the stuff myself, if you don't have the luxury of living in an area where you can collect black walnuts to create your own tinctures, you might just want to pop on over here and pick up some black walnut tincture to have on hand. Black


Use Your Imagination The Whole World Will Open Up For You

This morning I was reminded of the power when you use your imagination. While scrolling through facebook I happened upon this cute little picture. . .. . .and remembered the fun experienced as a child when we first learn to use our imagination.How long has it been since  you looked at something and chose to use your imagination to create


The Art Of Introductions The Most Important Of Social Media Skills Often Overlooked

This morning I got the most wonderful email introduction from a gentle man I was trying to connect with over on a social media platform that often begins and ends with people blasting each other with what ever their offer du jour is. Andre Feldman wrote me the following message - keep in mind we had never communicated before. It's My Pleasure &


Cauliflower Soup Recipe Made With Roasted Garlic Video Directions Included

Lean in a little...Cauliflower soup with roasted garlic is possibly the most sinfully delicious soup you could ever taste made from a vegetable that, for most (me included) is almost not palatable.Cauliflower soup who would have thought it could be so good?Watch the Cauliflower Soup Recipe Video Directions here:Cauliflower Soup


Online Mlm Secret For Mlm Success (video)

Seeking the single best kept online MLM secret? There you go. Get a Level One Network Blogging platform. Share about your product, your team, yourself, what's going on in your industry. Take advantage of front page placement and momentum from a moving blogging platform to ramp your MLM up to the next level and take your team with you. It is a very simple


The Magic of Touch An HP Envy x2 Commercial An Interesting Thought

The magic of touch has no limit in the space between appearance and reality...The thought behind this commercial is so powerful, so movingHere watch it for yourself:The Magic of Touch the HP Envy x2 Commercial The best magic does not trick you it makes you believe.Magic isn't so much about pretending "what could be" as it is,


Who Do You Work For?

Pretty simple question...Who Do You Work For?You might work for a company or the government, for your family or for yourself. If you think you work for yourself, you are mistaken. No one ever works for themselves. Ultimately, you may benefit from what ever it is you are doing, but if you haven't identified the answer to the question who do you


27 Words Turn Around A Business Or Change Your Life

27 words sown together in a sentence that, if heeded, could turn around a business quickly or change your life forever. The concepts contained in these 27 words have created empires, religions, cults and movements that shape the world we live in both for better or for worse. Please only use this for helping others. These 27  words are so powerful,


Oil of Oregano A Miracle Cure for Flu Symptoms

Are you starting to experience those awful feelings, you know, the chills even though the room  you are in is way hot by everyone else's standards? Then the body aches start, throwing up may follow soon after as you body tries to purge itself of any and everything inside of  you. Not too mention the bazillion trips to the bathroom as the rest of


Craigslist Ghosting Policy Getting To You?

 photo ghosting_zpsf047af34.jpg

Craigslist's ghosting policy getting to you too? Is there a way around it? Do you really need it?

Craigs Lists Driving You Crazy With The Craigslist Ghosting Policy

Craigs lists have been a reliable place to advertise for several years, though it seems lately that their policies especially the Craigslist ghosting policy, is making it almost impossible to advertise on their platform even if you are offering legitimate services and products. Seems more and more, lately, that Craigs Lists are places where scammers,