Good Bye Alex Smith The Forty Niners and San Francisco Will Miss You

Alex Smith the former starting quarter back for the San Fransisco Forty Niners just got traded to the Kansas City Chiefs!This is the fourth time in the last twenty one years that a Forty Niner's quarter back has gone to the Chiefs from San Francisco. Important detail my husband volunteered.  He is such a Niner's fan.A football fan really.

Good Bye Alex Smith!

Just announced! Alex Smith, the former San Francisco quarter back, will be playing for the Kansas City Chiefs next year. Poor Alex Smith, well maybe not so poor, but still. After years of playing for a team that plain sucked, hired new coaches every other year, finally was on a winning team. Alas he lost his job to Colin Kaepernick last season with

Social Marketing Made Easy

Social marketing made easy used to be something that I just could not believe was possible. That is until I was introduced to this interesting, free tool, that actually helped marketers do what they were already doing to make money, only better. Most marketers want to make money online (well duh, you might be saying) but lack the knowledge of how to

Jimmy Fallon Troll Doll Jingles The Chicken Heart That Ate New York Laughing Our Brains Out

Maybe my family is a little different. We like to laugh. In fact my husband and I are married because he was the first person I had met who had not only heard the Chicken Heart That Ate New York, but actually knew the routine.When I was younger and lived in Japan, my neighbor had a record (yes back in the old LP days) of Bill Cosby's comedy

When Things Go Right and Other Magical Events Of the Day

Today has been one of those surreal days for me.Waking up this morning life was promising to deliver the normal everyday events I am comfortable with. There were just enough little differences to keep it exciting, though not too traumatic.That is until I turned on my computer.  All I can say is that it is a good thing that I make my

Does Empower Network Really Work This Random Guy I Met In Austin Certainly Thinks So

It was early morning on Saturday of the Austin, TX Release Your Inner Badass Event. A group of us gals in the Rebel Marketing Group were meeting for coffee and bagels, chatting about how the event was going, when another young man joins us.He is clean cut, from Hawaii. We chat about life in Hawaii, the real estate market over there (that was

Gun Control: Washington DC

Here are some Gun Control facts to consider. I will quote the source if at all possible and let you decide what to believe.  Some of the surveys have staggering numbers and because I believe successful defense numbers are under reported or not reported at all.  I feel the surveys on defense are very conservative.Washington DC Gun

Autoresponders Giving You Fits? Solve This With the Monday Morning Mastermind

Happy Monday to you! A new week and so many new possibilities.Today, on the Monday Morning Mastermind with Jackie Lee, Kelly Cannon DeBorda and myself, we will be discussing how to get the most out of your autoresponder.  Should you use swipes? Should you blast your list with offers? Should you coddle them in an effort not to make them

Helping Your Friends Build An Online Business Because Friends Help Friends

You want to make money online. You have bought into a couple promising opportunities. You work it for a while, or perhaps this is more like what you do; you study the material, try to implement the parts you understand, get lost in the myriad of other offers out there, buy something new, that looks more promising at the moment, then start the

SEO Tips To Get You Blogging For Money For Free

Overwhelmed now that you made your decision to start blogging for money? Sounds simple enough; write, share, take your money to the bank. Not to disillusion you, but there is a little more to it than that.The little more is not complicated when it comes to blogging for money, it is, however, important.There are two details that you need to

Gun Control #5 In House Inspections Proposed.

Washington State has some new proposed legislation for Gun Control. Some describe the legislation as Orwellian. Just when you thought it was the Federal Government that was after your guns along comes some state governments. Having lived in California I don't know why I'm surprised.

Making The Magic Happen One Day Everything Just Clicks

Brian G Johnson says, and I agree, thatmost internet marketers don't fail, they simply quit before the magic happens.It is from this quote that Making The Magic Happen was born.It is sad to me that so many people get involved in MLM, (multi level marketing), affiliate marketing, blogging online for money, (or internet marketing as it is

How To Lose Weight Without Dieting Change One SimpleThing For Big Results

Stepping on the scale at my yearly qualifying exam to get a cheaper health insurance rate through my husband's employer I was shocked!I had lost over ten pounds over the course of the last year, that is ten pounds lost without dieting.Do you want to know how to lose weight without dieting?Change your food focus.My change in food focus

Why Am I Getting Traffic To My Blog But No One Is Signing Up Says The Bewildered Beginner

You just signed up for your latest online opportunity. You are so excited you could pee your pants, if it wasn't totally socially unacceptable, you probably would.  You phone all your friends, your family, your grandma. You tell them all about this latest, greatest "thing" you've joined (even though this last thing you joined said not to do

3 Specific Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Consistently

There are three specific ways to drive traffic to your blog. There are actually more ways than these three, but these are the three big, online methods to drive traffic that most people who want leads use.First let us review how to make money online blogging: traffic leads salesJust wanted to be clear on our intentions here as

Get Rich Quick Schemes Do Not Work For The Average Internet Marketer Because They Fail To Consider This One Thing

Don't you, deep down, want a get rich quick scheme that DOES work? Isn't that what we are all looking for when it comes to work from home opportunities? Don't we just want, as that character (Cuba Gooding Jr) from Jerry McGuire says...well here you can hear it yourself:Yeah, baby...SHOW ME THE MONEY!So many times we get hood winked

Monday Morning Master Mind How to Create A Blog Post That Converts

A brand new week dawns full of choices and possibilities! Come join us for the Monday Morning Master Mind with Jackie Lee, Kelly DeBorda and me as we discuss how to create a blog post that converts...I'm thinking I want to pick Jackie's brain about this too ;)And now, here is. . .The Monday Morning MastermindFeel free to leave

Free leads so easy to get that even a blind man with a mouse can do this... is a totally free lead generation system, complete with an autoresponder system. Use it as a stand alone or use the monetization options that come with they system. is a post that covers the "what" about this super simple system.

Gun Control #4

Have you been following the Gun Control Debate? I happen to be a conservative....whoa don't start calling me dirty names. Liberals and conservatives seem to divided along  party lines when it comes to Gun Control. I believe that there are certain things most of us have in common. You probably love your mom your dog or something that I love.

Free Leads So Easy That Even A Blind Man With A Mouse Can Do This

I heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend...What?Free leads so easy to get that even a blind man with a mouse can do this.It all started when a friend of mine, Judy Turner, was listening to some training for Empower Network done by another friend, John Wells, all about how to get free leads.The training inspired her so much

Gun Control #3

As the debate on gun control rages on with both sides sprouting their version of the facts I find it almost impossible to discern  the truth.Both sides have so much emotion invested in the subject it is like trying to reason with a drama queen. And on top of it I hear political party name calling which just drains whatever logic that debates

When you pose questions you get answers

 photo askquestions_zps22cd11da.jpg

Some days it is all in the asking of a question that the answer appears.

Pose Questions Get Answers The Universe is Listening

This morning I was mulling over how I was going to achieve my intention of bringing twenty people to Chicago with me for the next life changing Empower Network event. How I was going to find twenty people that wanted to be the change they so hoped for in their lives.Twenty people who were willing to suspend the beliefs they had grown to


Discover the wonderful transformation story by clicking over here: and for getting free traffic ideas and strategies mosey on over and give a gander at: How getting free traffic and Derek Halperns drives me crazy but I read his stuff anyway go together.

How Getting Free Traffic and Derek Halpern Drives Me Crazy But I Read His Stuff Anyway Go Together

Today I set out to figure out how to get free traffic to a blog so that I could share this information with you. It is a problem that I have faced and well, still do. If you're reading this you probably are trying to figure out how to get readers to your blog as well.There are the standard methods of getting free traffic. . .You know, blog

Discover the Secret that Is Hidden In Plain Sight


Discover the secret hidden in plain sight don't live your life missing the beauty that is in and around you one more day.

Real Hope and Change David Slew Goliath

 photo davidslewgoliath_zps90a32648.jpg

Real hope and change comes when the little guy can overcome the giants and succeed where others thought there was little chance.  You've got to see this video Watch David Slew Goliath now

Running A Business #2

Running a Business assumes that you have successfully avoided going bankrupt. It takes time to learn the skills necessary to run any business and the money to overcome the mistakes that happen. A successful start to running a business is the choice of the business to start. When it comes to selling your product the money is made in the buying

Hope and Change How David Slew Goliath

In any other network marketing program out there the average person is not going to be making it big. The Davids of the world sit at the back of the room and hope that there might be some small chance that change can happen for them.Not hereNot nowIn front of 4000 people, eyes all riveted on him

Government Budgets

Ever wonder what politicians mean when they talk about cutting Government Budgets. If you think they are talking about reducing last years expenses think again.You and I would think that we would be reducing what we spent last year. Surprise their cuts usually mean they are not going to get all the money that is automatically built into

Life Copies Strategies when Adversity Hits

Monday Morning Mastermind covers how do you make lemonade when life hands you lemons but no sugar.

What Do You Do When Life Serves You Lemons and You’re Fresh Out of Sugar Monday Morning Mastermind

Ever get the feeling like nothing is going right? Everything you touch turns to, well you know, the brown stuff we all hate to have to deal with.Just hate it when those around you say stupid things like when life serves you lemons make lemonade? Me too, sometimes things just suck. We need some strategies to deal with life when it is hard and

Running A Business

Running A Business requires that you have a profit and loss statement. If it is a small business at minimum you should have a separate checking account for booking income and paying expenses. You do not want to co-mingle personal finances with your business account.If the account has your business name the bank will require a DBA (doing

Dodge Grand Caravan A Redneck Car?

For the last 12 years I have driven and loved my Dodge Grand Caravan. It is a beauty. Metallic green that everyone mistakes for silver, with two race car seats, also know as child safety seats, that conveniently fold down from the regular seat in the front bench. Our Dodge Grand Caravan is the 2000 version that we bought lightly used in 2001 has

Life Changing Books if You Are Open To Change

Over my fifty some odd years of life I have read many, many books. In fact while I was growing up, we didn't have television for most of the early years of my life.We lived overseas, in various countries, where I didn't speak the language so felt no need to watch pictures without knowing what was going on, when I could pick up a book and

Ways To Get Rid Of Hair From Dogs and Cats Using A Vacuum That Really Sucks

The fastest and easiest ways to get rid of hair from dogs and cats is to buy a vacuum that really sucks.  I stumbled across one the other day that I'd like to share with you.But first a story...So I'm using my old vacuum, a dirt devil that I was happy enough with when I purchased it last year.  It didn't work super great, but it wasn't

I Want To Start A Business

As a senior lending officer at a major bank and a Regional Vice President for a SBA lender, I would frequently have potential borrowers start off their request with  I Want To Start A Business. And I want the bank to lend me the money to do it.Of all the various requests I fielded during my lending days Restaurants topped the list. I guess it

Overcoming Adversity Growing Through The Challenge

I dare say no likes the thought of overcoming adversity in life. Growing through the challenge is a positive way of facing what ever it is that you are being dealt.Yesterday, was a good day, some things that I was trying to figure out started to come together for me, stuff was clicking, we got good news on several fronts, then this morning

How to Use A Blog To Sell Anything Challenge Mastermind

How to use a blog to sell anything mastermind Google Hang Out. This is the first in a series of masterminds that will be hosted by Jackie Lee, Kelly DeBorda and Jill Hart to help you make the most of your Empower Network Blog to sell what ever it is you are passionate about.If you are curious about the challenge itself, the details are covered

4 All Natural Cold Remedies


4 additional all natural cold remedies to help you and your loved ones over come nasty colds.

Gun Control 2

When it comes to gun control many politicians who favor complete disarmament of citizens perpetuate the lie (or exhibit how little they understand about the thinking that went into the second amendment) that the phrase:"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall

Natural Cold Remedy 4 Time Tested Natural Cold Remedies That Work

All of the cold here in Idaho has brought on colds around my house with a vengeance. My poor daughter has been hacking so badly she would keep both of us up all night if it weren't for this one natural cold remedy that I discovered several years ago, that really works. Being a mom that doesn't like to resort to man made chemicals to combat natural

Gun Control

As the debate over Gun Control continues some past events remind me that we cannot assume Government will not act recklessly when it comes to your second amendment rights. I thought that this would never happen in the USA. Saw the story at the time that guns were being confiscated in the wake of Katrina but I assumed they were taking guns from

The Landing Page Is Where The Magic Happens

I'm not sure why it has taken me so long to realize that the landing page is where the magic happens, alas, it has.  If your goal is to get sales (and, well, that is why we are marketing right?) then you need to get leads, a lead is an email address and a name, in order to get leads you need to point your audience towards some place where they

How To Start A Blog

Before asking How To Start A Blog an important question to ask yourself is why? Now I am a blogger and my intent in the beginning (and now) was to make some extra cash which seems to be the goal of most bloggers.Some of you just want to write about your favorite activity and the recognition you may get.  If you are passionate about a subject

Belief Because That Is Where The Magic Is

Monday Morning Master Mind with Jackie Lee, Kelly DeBorda and myself will focus on Belief this morning.What do you believe? How does it manifest in your life? How did you come to hold the beliefs that you do? How does belief affect your performance? These and many other thought provoking questions will be examined this morning...grab a cup of

Loaded Potato Soup Recipe Served Up In A Beautiful Red Soup Pot

Nothing says comfort food to me like Loaded Potato Soup. Living in Idaho, potatoes are abundant. In the fall you can even go glean them out of the fields after the farmers are done harvesting. Before moving here it never occurred to me that there are so many varieties and that each variety has its own particular use that it shines best in.For

Buffalo Wing Chicken Recipe Video

Bobby Flays Grilled Chicken Wings with Spicy Chipotle Hot Sauce and Blue Cheese Yogurt dipping sauce. To get the printed recipe head on over to Big Grill to CooK Bobby Flay BBQ Recipe

Big Grill To Cook This Bobby Flay BBQ Recipe

It is Super Bowl Sunday today. As the 49ers and the Ravens prepare to face off in the ultimate football showdown, I am thinking about Bobby Flay BBQ Recipes. Today's choice recipe will be Grilled Chicken Wings With Spicy Chipotle Hot Sauce and Blue Cheese Yogurt Dipping Sauce.Can't you just taste it now, the tongue tingling spice of the

How to use a blog to sell anything Challenge

Discover how to use a blog to sell anything with this month long challenge. You even get to pick which month you want to take the challenge in. You just might find out that you are better at this than you first thought!

Groundhog Day Movie Review

As the first in a series of product reviews for our How to Use a Blog To Sell Anything Challenge, I am going to review the movie Groundhog Day.I love this movie staring Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell and Chris Elliot. The character that Bill Murray plays is Phil Connors an arrogant ass of a man who makes life miserable for everyone around him.

Groundhog Day Movie Review

Groundhog Day Movie Review - one of my all time favorite movies. You can pop on over and watch it now by clicking this link to the movie Groundhog Day

How To Use A Blog To Sell Anything Challenge

Being an avid Facebook(er) and having lots of friends in various groups online who almost all have something or another for sale, I thought it might be helpful to show you to use a blog to sell anything.Most of you might know that it is possible to make insane amounts of money online, but, I dare say few of you believe that you can

Secret To Success

The Secret to Success is there are no secrets. It takes hard work and access to people who have done what you want successfully.  Successful people are all around you you just have to be sure you are talking to those that are truly successful. Success leaves clues.After all you wouldn't ask a couple of homeless guys about success would you?

Free Education

Free EducationWhen I wrote the title I couldn't help thinking it was an oxymoron but maybe I can get over that as we explore the concept. Free Education online exists.All you need to do is Google it. You will see names like MIT,University of Michigan,University of California and many others. You can also Google "free college counseling" and

Empower Network Misconceptions and YouTube Controversy Exposed

After a year of ramping up, the Empower Network has gone from being barely recognized as more than just another scam to rip people off, promising riches while struggling to deliver results to a full fledged movement.In the beginning Empower Network was about David Wood and Dave Sharpe, two young men with a vision and the tenacity to stick with

Empower Network Misconceptions and YouTube Controversy Exposed

 photo secrets_zpsf15ba6f2.jpg

What are the Misconceptions about the Empower Network and What is the scoop on the YouTube Flaggers lawsuit?

Empower Network Misconceptions and YouTube Controversy

After a year of ramping up, the Empower Network has gone from being barely recognized as more than just another scam to rip people off, promising riches while struggling to deliver results to a full fledged movement.In the beginning Empower Network was about David Wood and Dave Sharpe, two young men with a vision and the tenacity to stick with