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Online Success Achieved by Time and Consistency

How do you achieve online success you ask? Simple, time and consistency.

Time and Consistency might seem like a simple thing, but for some reason, few people seem to be able to implement it. Could be the consistency part fails so that the time component never gets its chance to do its magic.

Achieving online success is not much different than saving money. In the money equation, time and consistency are leveraged with interest. If you consistently save a little money over a long time the interest will compound and deliver big dividends.  You could look at blogging that way too. Where the interest paid could be traffic from any given blog post you have generated. Lots of blog post over time will build momentum and deliver you BIG results.

It won't happen in one day, but over time, one day it will happen.

Leveraging Empower Network for you blog, will catapult you above others that are trying to do everything themselves. Empower Network enjoys a low Alexa rating so the pages (think blog posts) on its network get indexed more quickly by the search engines. For $25 you get a customizable blog all set up and ready to go, eight core commitments strategy to help you learn to be a consistent blogger and a sales funnel to help others get started blogging. (with just one person added to your network you get your blog for free)

online success
Push the big red button and get started blogging to your online success today.

What Ties Mike Klingler and Woodwards Country Store together?

Mike Klingler is a life and business coach who posted a status on facebook on his fan page about what we think about in terms of gratitude.

In my post over at discover how Van and Greta Woodward have taken the very philosophy espoused by Mr. Klingler to heart and sky rocked their business.

Mike Klingler
Pop on over to Making The Magic Happen and discover for yourself what ties Mike Klingler and Woodward's Country Store together. 

Making the magic happen,

~because most internet marketers don't fail, they simply give up before the magic happens
...Brian Johnson

Twinkie Defense Dies!


So sad, yet another American Icon bites teh dust. The Hostess Twinkie may be a thing of the past now, but the Twinkie Defense will live on in infamy.

Remember the Dan White Trial where he blamed the murder of two San Francisco Politicians on his depression caused by consuming too much sugar? That has become known as the Twinkie defense.

Perhaps we should have recognized back then that chemical ladden food is really bad for us and focused on fixing our diets instead on piling on more chemicals.  Fat doesn't make us fat, sugar does.

As Jill says over at

Hostess is no more!

18, 000 people will be out of work and worse than that no more Twinkies, Ding Dongs, or Wonder Bread. What about those cute little cup cakes with cream filling or Hostess Ho Ho’s? What about all of the retail outlets that sell Hostess products. Will we suddenly see fruit on the shelves instead? Inquiring minds need answers…[read the rest over at

What will become of all of those displaced by the tragedy over at Hostess? Time will tell. In the meantime there are ways these poor souls can subsidize their loss of income online.

They can join with us in fighting the forces of evil and make the magic happen in their lives simply by pushing the big yellow button below...go on push it! And turn up your speakers for crying out loud.

SEO Optimization Tips 7 Things You Must Do To Get Noticed

to get all of the details on the specifics of the SEO optimization tips. They are simple things but important to get google and the other search engines to pay attention to what you are blogging about.

What is The Empower Network

What is The Empower Network 

And more importantly why are they the pariah of internet marketing? What do they do over there? What does the empower network have to offer? Why do so many run from the mere mention of empower network?

These questions and more are answered over on the article I just posted on the Squidoo network.

Here are a few of the sections you will discover over at What is The Empower Network 

  1. Empower Network The Pariah Of Internet M...
  2. Niamh Arthur's Story
  3. How Would $3000 a Month Change Your Life
  4. A Stay At Home Mom Makes $12K Making Mon...
  5. What is the empower network?
  6. Empower Yourself
  7. What information have you gained about t...
  8. Davenjilli Blogs on the Empower Network
  9. Other Articles About Making Money Online 
Check it out for yourself, and you decide what is the empower network? Is it a nefarious organization or a group bent on fighting the forces of evil and helping other do the same.

Jackie Chan Karate Kid A Metaphor | Justjillin

Jackie Chan Karate Kid A Metaphor | Justjillin

I love this scene from the move Jackie Chan Karate Kid. The mountains, the woman and the snake all have meaning for me.

Read the whole article to discover what this metaphor means over at

Making the magic Happen,

Chris Rock A Message For White Voters

Chris Rock A Message For White Voters | Justjillin

This will make you laugh. It doesn't matter what your political affiliation!

Patience Grasshopper

Patience Grasshopper 

Hmmm, Patience grasshopper - said with the deep oriental voice that we, older folk, remember so well from the David Carradine movie - Kung Fu.

patience grasshopperOld Man, how is that you hear these things?...Young man, how is it that you do not?
I want stuff to happen today. Big stuff, fireworks. I've been running for fifteen minutes so far and, "what? I haven't completed the marathon?" It is hard to keep running long after the starting gun has sounded. For some of us even around the first bend we want to quit. Patience grasshopper, my ass (as in the animal that is real stubborn and picks its own pace in life). Okay, so maybe I'm a little excited.

You need to watch this video for the rest of this post to make sense.

My sister, who actually does run marathons, once told me, she was unsure of whether she would have to quit during a race one time because she wasn't quite sure where she started in the race. She was running as hard as she could to make this one marker, it was up hill. She fell in behind this woman that was running at her pace. She chanced to look up at her jersey...
Now you have to understand my sister isn't necessarily a religious woman.
On the back of this woman's shirt was "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Phillipians 4:13).
She did finish the race, in good time too. My sister is an amazing woman. Fiery, intelligent, smart and tenacious. She is my youngest sister. I have learned a lot from her, even from afar.
It is all about the falling in behind someone who has chosen a good pace and following foot step by foot step to the goal.
I believe that is what Master Po tried to teach little grasshopper. "Fall in my foot steps, keep my pace". "It may not be fast, but it is steady. Pay attention to what is happening around you while you run." "Use all of your senses".
Are you looking for a pace setter in  your life? Watch this video. Join our group. Sometimes we pick up the pace, some times we hang back, but there is always someone in our group that can set the"pace" for you. You are never alone. Remember..Patience grasshopper.
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3 Lose Weight Fast Tips

The holidays are coming and with them lots of pounds in excess fat, if you are anything like some of us around here (not to mention any names). So, I thought we could use 3 Lose Weight Fast Tips.

The are simple and part of a healthy diet plan. Any one can do them. Most of us should do them, but we forget and fall back into our normal everyday life and make bad choices.

Off to fill up my water glass, catch you over at  3 Lose Weight Fast Tips

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