Goats Milk Soap Recipe

Goats Milk Soap Recipe | Justjillin

What Can You do Today To Change Your Tomorrow?

What Can You Do Today To Change Tomorrow

Personally, I don’t believe that anything is random or unimportant. Everything is interconnected, so what decisions you make right now, or don’t make,  impacts everything else. In fact by not making conscience decisions about what you can do today, you are allowing others to make the decision for you.
If you don’t chose to shape your life, paddle your own boat, you will constantly be surprised by the terrors that show up along the river of life. Much better to be in a boat with some control and the ability to see the dangers and beauty along the river than floating on a log, wet, cold and at the mercy of what ever is in the water as well as along the banks. Have you ever watched Bear Grills? Or Survivor Man? These are men who go out into the wilderness and subject themselves to situations that would kill most of us with in the first twenty minutes. The difference between them and us is that they have made many decisions along the way that prepared them for those situations.
What if just a few changes could make all of the difference in the world for you? It did for these people featured on this video.

The Final Solution | Justjillin

The Final Solution | Justjillin

A look at how my life has changed by a small decision I made. How would your life be different if you had an additional $3,000 a month?

Great Weightloss Tips; Robert Lustig Reveals The Cause Of Obesity | Justjillin

Great Weightloss Tips; Robert Lustig Reveals The Cause Of Obesity | Justjillin

 What you learn on this video will shock you and change your life forever!

How Do You Make Soaps A Beginners Guide

How Do You Make Soaps A Beginners Guide

Discover how to make soap without lye and other fun ways to make homemade soap as gift for the holidays with the kids.

  1. How to Make Soap Without Lye
  2. How to Make Soap Without Lye
  3. How do You Make Soap For Kids
  4. How to Make Soap Easy
  5. Links to Other Page Dedicated to How Do...
  6. Your Own Handmade Soap
 are a few of the subjects covered, free videos of soap making included.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Almost Killed My Daughter!

Just updated a page I did last year about this time when my daughter was almost killed because of carbon monoxide poisoning.

You can read about symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning and our adventure in these sections:

  1. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  2. Signs of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Detec...
  4. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Can Be Deadly
  5. Protect Yourself Against CO Poisoning
  6. What I learned about Carbon Monoxide Poi... 
And remember that a CO Alarm will not always warn you of the presence of carbon monoxide, you need to know the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning and act on them.

The Electrical Toothbrush

An electrical toothbrush is way handy and much better for using on your teeth than the hand operated type. For one thing it moves faster than you can manually and for another the bristles are designed to get deep into the crevasses between your teeth.

I really like this one:

What do you think?

Buy Slippers Womens

Buy slippers womens, cause everyone talks that way, NOT. But I digress. This is a good selection of womens slippers. Some that you might like are:

  1. Buy Slippers Womans Fuzzy
  2. Buy Slippers Womans Slip On
  3. Buy Slippers Womans Clog Slippers
  4. Haflinger Classic Hardsole Slipper Revie...
  5. Buy Slippers Womens Sheepskin Cuff
  6. Buy Slippers Women's Microfiber Slippers
  7. Buy Slippers Women's Good Selection 
I once had a pair of Hilfinger's that last me almost fifteen years. I loved those slipper/shoes. This is what they looked like:

Buy Woman s Pajamas

I love to buy woman s pajamas, mostly cause I like to sleep in them ;) Over at my squidoo site I just posted a page offering lots of different woman's pajama options:

  1. Buy Woman s Pajamas A Wonderful Selectio...
  2. Buy Woman s Pajamas That Are Nightgowns
  3. Buy Woman s Pajamas Long Nightgowns
  4. Buy Woman s Pajamas - One Woman's opinio...
  5. Buy Woman s Pajams - Top and Bottom Sets
  6. Buy Woman s Pajamas as a Top and Bottom...
  7. Buy Woman s Pajamas Online
  8. Which type of pajamas are your favorite?
  9. Davenjilli loves to buy woman s pajamas 
These are some links to the different choices I like.  This one is my favorite:

Learn Internet Marketing

If you want to learn internet marketing from the ground up now is your opportunity! Pot Pie Girl just Launched her One Week Marketing Private Membership Site

Go visit www.davenjilli.com to get all of the details or simply go watch this video:

Stylish Flats An Old Woman's best friend

Just updated my page on stylish flats to include boots! You would be amazed to see how many really cute boots there are out there that are flat souled.

I thought these were especially cute and very appropriate for country living.

So what do you think?