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Just updated my review on the timeless classic Love You Forever.  Charming story about the circle of life

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Food and Nutrition

Do kids with the highest IQ's really end up as vegetarians? Check out this interesting article regarding food and nutrition and how it relates to IQ.

Do you agree with the article? I'm not too sure I do. Be sure to read it and state your case ;)

Best Rated Refrigerators For Truckers And Other Travelers

Hey again! Just did some looking into the best rated refrigerators for truckers (and other travelers) over at Squidoo. The best rated refrigerator for truckers is this

Koolatron P95 Travel Saver Cooler 45-Quart

Here are some of the coolers that work well for travel:

TV For Truck Drivers

Are you a trucker or an RV enthusiast? You might be interested in the look I did over at squidoo on TV for truck drivers.
TV for truck drivers is not just for truck drivers though. Every time we go on trips in the car we had to hook up a bunch of cords for the small tv we would put between the front seats so the kids had something to entertain themselves with. TV for truck drivers has a bunch of much better options.

Which Vacuum is Best?

I did some research over at Squidoo on which vacuum is best. You might be interested in the results if you have been considering a new vacuum. There are so many types of vacuums, sometimes it is hard to figure out which one is the best vacuum for the price and quality.

I Lost 7 Pounds In 7 Days With A Celebrity transformation Kit

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